Idolm@ster Official Signlight v.2 13-color set (アイドルマスター 公式サインライトVer.2 13色セット)

Posted on July 15, 2013

I’ve always wanted to go to an Idolm@ster Live Performance. From what it looks like, the likelihood of my attendance to one within the next year or two is becoming more and more apparent slowly but (hopefully) surely. I’m aware that it’s in my best interests to prepare but unfortunately, there can only be so many things I can do in preparation with this far ahead from the next Live Performance. For one thing, nobody even knows when the next one is as the current one, THE IDOLM@STER 8th ANNIVERSARY HOP!STEP!!FESTIV@L, is still in progress.

Despite these uncertainties, I can at least indulge in one thing I’m surely going to need and use should I ever get into an Imas Live. That would be today’s merchandise, Idolm@ster Official Signlight v.2 13-color set.

There are many ways to use these, mine is mainly for cheering during said “lives”/concerts which is comparable to how one would use glowsticks/cyalumes. I digress but one can also take it a notch higher if you fancy ヲタ芸. Whatever floats your boat.

Now for some specifications.

The Box
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This is pretty much what you’re going to get as an extra when you buy all thirteen signlights together. It’s nothing much but it does provide a good storage for the signlights when you’re not using them. Even the fabric-like material in which the outside surface is lined with is pretty sweet too. Couple this with the silver 765PRO logo stamped on the top of the box’s cover and this whole package suddenly becomes a legit must-have Producer good.

I also want to mention that this box is much bigger than how I imagined it to be (16 x 8 x 2in). I guess this was something I did not discern completely just by looking at promo images. There’s also my misleading preconceptions about its size which I guessed shouldn’t be too big to house thirteen signlights whose sizes are comparable to Sharpies.

Inside the Box

The first thing you’ll be greeted with is a letter from 765 Production President Junjirou Takagi /高木 順二朗社長 thanking you for your purchase.

You’ll then find each signlight individually packaged and somewhat secured to the box by means of paper tabs.

Now there are thirteen signlights, one for each idol except for the Futami twins who share one signlight. The thirteenth one goes to Kotori which explains the extra yellow signlight.

The Signlight

The light source seems to be coming from an LED bulb which would make sense in conjunction to the advertised continuous emission time of 8 to 10 hours..

Each signlight is about 7 inches long and is powered by three LR44 alkaline 1.5 button batteries.

Activaction is achieved by twisting the small knob towards the tip of the signlight where the batteries are residing.

One last thing to note is that it seems like you can wear all these at these at the same time, given you have a belt or a similar contraption that can accomodate the signlight’s “hook” so to speak the same way you would secure a pen in your chest pocket. Then I find out that there’s something like this in existence.

Well then, I guess we have a direction for our next post.