THE IDOLM@STER 8th ANNIVERSARY HOP!STEP!!FESTIV@L!!! Original Merchandise (オリジナル商品)

Posted on September 08, 2013

Never has been there a post in the Merchandise category more befitting than a title that mentions “merchandise” on it.

This time’s post features goodies straight out of the ongoing series of Idolm@ster “lives” (lˈaɪv), THE IDOLM@STER 8th ANNIVERSARY HOP!STEP!!FESTIV@L!!! . There are actually a bunch items you can buy including these signlights that I got earlier. While it proved very tempting to get them all then and there, I found some goods redundant. In the end, all I got were the following

Folding Umbrella (公式折り畳み傘)

Well it’s a damn black umbrella. Other than the Angel Mark / Idolm@ster  stamp of approval that magically makes all otherwise mundane objects to stuff that lure insane hardcore fanatics (be very wary of these guys for your own good) into purchasing with unreasonable prices, features that would probably be of some use to you, the would-be buyer should you decide to procure, are the following.

  • The umbrella is a manual umbrella, lacking a quick-release button for easy unfolding action.
  • When collapsed, the length of the umbrella from the bellcap to the bottom edge of the handle is about 9.5 inches (~24 centimeters), when in full length, this increases to 21 inches (~53cm).
  • When the canopy is opened, the circumcircle radius measures a bit over 21 inches (~54 centimeters) while the incircle radius measures about 18.75 inches (~47 centimeters).
  • The interior of the canopy is silver.
  • This will not be the most durable umbrella you’ll have. The the cap at the “rib end” of the umbrella actually became undone as I was testing the umbrella out. Fortunately, I was able to attach it back just as easily.

Not quite the type of individual to use an umbrella, let alone a not-so-durable one. There are however some circumstances in which having one has proved very helpful. One such example was waiting in line outside during a summer convention. So next time I feel the need to be shielded from the sun at an anicon, might as well geek out and whip it out.

Official Pamphlet (公式パンフレット)

When somebody mentions “pamphlet”, I immediately preconceive something that resembles a brochure, or perhaps a small spiral notebook. This particular one IS NONE OF THE ABOVE. This is more like a glorified photo book, which by the way is a good thing. The front and back of the “pamphlet” is a larger version images used on one of the tickets for the upcoming Idolm@ster movie.

Contents are a collection of quality shots of our favorite seiyuus, including some from the extended familes of Cinderella Girls and Million as well as Q&A interviews. It’s really a shame that Hirorin and Chiaking were not present but I guess they had better things to do, Hirorin especially having just given birth to her son and all. It’s okay, I at least got to see my Kugimi <3.

Desk Calendar (公式カレンダー)

This is probably my favorite item of the bunch. Small as it is, it brings me much joy to be able to refer to lovely images of our beloved idols everytime I have inquire about the date. This calendar consists of the following.

  • A case with a leather + matte paper exterior bearing (once again) the Angel Mark on its front and the Idolm@ster logo on its back. The interior consist of a two transparent plastic pouch. The case when not open is 16.8 centimeters tall, 13 centimeters wide 0.8 centimeters thick.
  • A total of 44 cards of sizes 6 inches x 4 inches, 6 of which are calendar cards whose months span from August 2013 to July 2014. Each of the calendar cards have months printed on both sides.
  • Of the 44 cards, 38 bear illustrations of idols from 765 Production (drawn both in the CG and ML ilustration style), Cinderella Girls, and Million Live. 36 of the 38 are actually postcards. The remaining 2 bear illustrations from Cinderella Girls on both of its sides.
  • Kotori has an illustration card, illustrated in the style of Million Live.
  • Cards of your choice are to be inserted in aforementioned plastic pouch in the leather casing.

Full Color Shirt (公式フルカラーTシャツ) XL


Last but not the least, is the full color shirt. I say colored but what you’ll probably see is a plain white shirt with (yet again) the Angel Mark insignia to the front. The color refers to the Angel Mark insignia at the back (you get it right?) is placed on top of the wildly-colored star.

I have but one regret…sort of. I should’ve gotten another copy of that pamphlet that I can tear apart for scanning. I’m at my wits end on how other people manage to scan these things so faultlessly.