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pri para xmas

Having only watched Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream, I was not familiar with the Dear My Future, Rainbow Live nor PriPara. To be honest I only went to this event for the lineup that featured Asumi Kana, Hara Sayuri, Kataoka Azusa, Mikako Komatsu, Uchida Maaya, Sakura Ayane, Okubo Rumi, Katou Emiri, Asesaka Satomi, Itou Kanae and many more. Having being fond of Serizawa Yuu, I wasn’t too sure if I would enjoy i☆Ris as a whole. This also applies to Prism☆Box/ Prizmmy☆, wasn’t too sure what to expect. Joining me at this event was myself and 7thwraith; too bad PineappleMotto couldn’t join us.


Makuhari Messe 5 is located in the Mihama-ku ward of Chiba, and is easily accessible from the Kaihin-Makuhari station on the Keiyo Line. This center is the host of the annual Tokyo Game Show, Jump Festa and etc. Flower stands were placed for viewing outside the entrance of hall 5. This remained the same for the other events happening that week, such as PriPara & Pretty Rhythm, アニメJAM and WUG! vs I-1 club. The hall was separated in two sections, the goods and performance.




Goods were held on the lower level of Makuhari Messe 5. The goods room was dim and a tad gloomy. Separate queues were organized for event goods and CDs/BDs/media. For PriPara & Pretty Rhythm, the whole goods room was dedicated to this event only. Display areas and pop stands were placed in appropriate areas for those who wanted to take photos. Surprisingly, arriving an hour ahead of time for the PriPara event, most goods were already sold out.  Obtaining the pamphlet for this event would be an impossible task due to the lack of prep and time.


The performance hall floor was laid out in 4 blocks (from A to D), with the mainstage set up northern end of the hall.  There was a catwalk that was connected to a small middle stage, the hall was set up in a rectangular shaped compared to a portionally shape. Depending what block you were allocated, you could get a decent view of the middle stage and somewhat of the mainstage. There were a total of 3 screens, just incase you were having trouble seeing.  Seat layout was quite efficient, but very tight. You might have trouble doing calls if you’re somewhat big. The crew and camera pit was located at the back of the venue near the entrance, and was not in the way of anyone’s view.

My seat for this event was C4-82, which was located somewhat close to the middle stage. From this position, I had a decent view of both the main and middle stage. Shortly after finding my seat, I anxiously waited for the event to begin.

Opening Act

01. キラキランウェイ☆/Prism☆Box

With no introduction the live started off with Prism☆Box appearing in the middle stage. The audience exploded into cheers and was filled with a sea of pink. Prism☆Box dressed in their PV outfits, which looked like pink ballerina outfits. Kiraki Runway☆ being one of the ending songs for PriPara, I thought it was an appropriate opening song since it’s quite an upbeat tune. All I remember from this is the awesome dance sequence they did near the end of the song. Also, the calls for this were quite simple and easy to follow.


After Prism☆Box performed, I wasn’t aware that Yoppi would be the MC for this event. Ahh, he looked so ikemen in his suit. A few moments later,  the guests featured at this event appeared one by one. i☆Ris, LISP (Asumi Kana, Hara Sayuri, Kataoka Azusa), Dear My Future (Yonezawa Madoka, Akesaka Satomi, Okubo Rumi, Sakura Ayane), Rainbow Live (Katou Emiri, Komatsu Mikako, Uchida Maaya, Shishido Rumi) and Itou Kanae appeared. This lineup looked so amazing in their outfits; I wasn’t too sure who to focus since this is my first time seeing them. Majority of the members introduced themselves with their respective catchphrases.

Batsu Game

Before the batsu game could begin, teams had to be decided. Teams were assigned depending on what show you belonged to. The following teams are listed below:

PriPara: Akaneya Himika (leader), Serizawa Yuu, Akaneya Himika, Kubota Miyu, Yamakita Saki, Shibuya Azuki, & Wakai Yuki

Aurora Dream: Asumi Kana (leader), Hara Sayuri, Kataoka Azusa & Itou Kanae

Dear My Future: Sakura Ayane (leader), Yonezawa Madoka, Akesaka Satomi, Okubo Rumi

Rainbow Live: Katou Emiri (leader), Komatsu Mikako, Uchida Maaya & Rumi Shishido

Note: With Itou Kanae having many roles in each show, she wasn’t sure what team she belonged to. In the end she ended on Team Aurora Dream, and was constantly being teased by her peers due to her short stature.

Each team was given an instrument to use to as a “buzzer” to answer the question. Aurora Dream was given a bell-horn, Dear My Future with the tambourines, Rainbow Live with the horn, and PriPara with the small drums. With the teams having fun playing around with the instruments, the quiz game began.

Question #1: How many mascots with the colour pink are there in total throughout the shows?

With all the teams fighting over who answers first, team Aurora Dream managed to be chosen by Yoppi. With Asumin having no idea what the answer is, Kanae responded with “3”. With her answer being wrong, Dear My Future was up next to guess. RumiRumi took the lead and answered with “4”, which ended being correct! The four mascots were Rabichi, Raburin, Kuma, and Kurun.

Question #2: Out of the 6 mascots (1. charm, 2. kuma, 3. setsu, 4. cheer, 5. megane, 6. esuni), which one does not belong?

With team PriPara with their energy and appeal, they were chosen to answer the question. Akaneya answered with megane, which turned out to be the correct answer! Shortly after, the i☆Ris girls flaunted their affection for megane.

In between questions, the Dear My Future members started to leave their table and joined other teams. In order to get them to return back to their post, Yoppi threaten them that they would have to do the batsu game if they would not return. The Dear My Future girls quickly ran back to their position like nothing had happened. However, with Mikakoshi’s persuasion, Ayaneru has joined team Rainbow Live for the 3rd question.

Question #3: With the following locations listed, where is the Prism Stone Store not located?

With team Rainbow Live interrupting the question mid-way, they knew the correct answer right away. Emirin quickly responded with Akipapara, which was correct! After assisting team Rainbow Live, Ayaneru returned back to the Dear My Future table and was welcomed back.

Yoppi pointed out that team Aurora Dream was the only team that did not get a question right made them do the batsu game. The Aurora Dream girls responded that they loved to do more questions, but avoiding the punishment was inevitable. This punishment insisted the Aurora Dream girls to go to the middle stage and do a “Mugen Hug”. Asumin being the leader leaded the way and the girls shortly followed after. This was so cute and amusing at the same time, the audience seemed to enjoy as much as I did.

Shortly after, Shishido Rumi  brought up that it was Yoppi’s birthday (Yoshida Hisanori) and we all sang him “Happy Birthday to You”. Even though Yoppi’s birthday was a few days earlier than this event, it was quite a nice gesture regardless.

Afureko Corner

Each show in the Pretty Rhythm franchise took turns doing a small Christmas bit for the audience with Itou Kanae being the main narrator. It started off with Aurora Dream, then Dear My Future, Rainbow Live and then PriPara. Being a seiota myself, I really enjoyed this corner. It was quite nice to see how the seiyuus interact with each other on stage. Each line-up had a unique thing about them, and I would have loved to listen to them for a while but all things must come to an end. With PriPara being the last act of the Afureko corner, the live corner began!

Note: Before the live corner began, it was announced that there will be a new 3DS where you can transfer your items from the arcade game to the 3DS and vice versa

Live Corner

02. Never Let me Down ~がんばりやぁ! ~/せれのん (Yonezawa Madoka, Akesaka Satomi)

Wow, having only hearing this song for the first time I was really impressed. I wasn’t ready for the duo of Yonezawa and Ake-chan to come out so strong. With the help the girls who I sat beside, helped me set the correct colors and lead the way for calls. Best part of this song was the chorus being quite catchy.

03. Que sera/MARs (Asumi Kan, Hara Sayuri, Kataoka Azusa)

LISP!?! Being a fan of them when they debuted, I really enjoyed this. Ahh Asumin, Sayurin Atsuatsu looked amazing while they performed, especially SAYURIN~! All dressed in blue, I couldn’t resist cheering for her. Que sera being one of the popular songs in the Pretty Rhythm franchise, it’s easily a crowd favourite. The only bad thing about this performance was the audio feedback was kinda iffy.

04. I Wannabee myself!! ~自分らしくいたい!~/ハッピーレイン♪ (Katou Emiri, Komatsu Mikako, Serizawa Yuu)

I wannabeee myself!! was so goooooood! Being a fan of Emirin, Yuu-chan and MIKAKOSHI, I loved every second of this. The calls for this song were really fun to do, and the crowd was into this. When all three girls began to move towards the middle stage, then to be elevated upwards I knew this would be spectacular sight to see. Very happy I got to see Mikakoshi perform, even though it’s not her own songs.

05. cherry-picking days/福原あん&森園わかな (Serizawa Yuu, Uchida Maaya)

CHERRY PICKING! CHERRY PICKING DAYS!! Would be looping this song in my head for days. This song was so HYPE, with Mayayan and Yuu-chan performing it, what more can you ask for? The crowd was a sea of green during this, and all I remember was screaming Mayayan over and over. The calls for this were GREAT, and I would love to see this live again!! 7thwraith would agree with me that this was the best song of the night, hands down.

 06. Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend/天羽ジュネ&荊りんね (Shishido Rumi, Sakura Ayane)

Ayaneruuuuu~! For me, she was the spotlight for this song, but RunRun was impressive too. The way they complimented each other was quite rememberable. I’m not used to hearing Ayaneru sing these types of songs was really surprised how well she did. A slow paced song that would gradually finish off strong, I really enjoyed this.

07. nth color/天羽ジュネ (Shishido Rumi)

RunRun remained on stage and began singing a pleasant ballad song. This particular song reminded me of Mayochon performing “Tick Tock”. The crowd was a sea of orange, waving back and forth. When the song was done, RunRun was grateful she was able to sing and share this moment with us.

08. athletic core/Over The Rainbow (Kakihara Tetsuya, Tomoaki Maeno, Masuda Toshiki)

09. pride/Over The Rainbow (Kakihara Tetsuya, Tomoaki Maeno, Masuda Toshiki)

\OVER THE RAINBOW/ Even not appearing at the venue, and the crowd watching them perform on the screens only, this was quite HYPE!! The audience loved every moment of this, and so did I. Both athletic core and pride sounded like your generic boy band song, but had a certain twist to them. Would scream at a screen that’s filled with 2D boys again.

10. ま~ぶるMake up a-ha-ha!/真中らぁら&南みれぃ (Akaneya Hiyaka, Serizawa Yuu)

a-ha-a-ha-a-ha-ha! Very good song choice to follow up Over the Rainbow, since the chorus is VERY catchy. Both Himitsu and Yuu-chan both dressed up like their 2D counterpart; I loved the colour scheme going on throughout the design. The crowd was filled with pink and blue, depending on what girl you cheered for. Also, the choreography for this was quite refreshing.

11. 太陽のflare sherbet/北条そふぃ (Kubota Myu)

Groovy and funky tune to cheer and do calls to.  Myutan also dressed up like her 2D counterpart and looked quite stunning in her outfit. Would prpr, if I do say so for myself. She was able to keep the energy levels in venue quite high by herself, which is really impressive.

12. Pretty Prism Paradise!!/SoLaMi♡SMILE (Akaneya Hiyaka, Serizawa Yuu, Kubota Myu)

Finally a song with Himitsu, Yuu-chan and Myutan! The song itself had calls built in itself and was easy to do calls to. Not a huge fan of this song, but the dance sequence was p slick.

13. NO D&D code/DressingPafé (Yamakita Saki, Shbuya Azuki,Wakai Yuuki)

AWESOME SONG! As a fan of rock, I really enjoyed this performance. Sakisama who plays a cool type idol, she sorta reminded me of Makoto from The iDOLM@STER. There’s something about the character, Shion Tondou, that gives off similar vibes as Makoto. All three girls dressed up as their 2D counterpart as well. This song had the perfect amount of cool and cute to make this performance rememerable. However, doing the calls to this was somewhat difficult.

14. CHANGE! MY WORLD/DressingPafé (Yamakita Saki, Shbuya Azuki,Wakai Yuuki)

This song was a complete 180 degrees from “NO D&D”, and was really idolish. Haven’t heard this before, this was great. I loved the dance sequence that they did, and it got the crowd really pumped up.

15. HAPPYぱLUCKY/SoLaMi♡SMILE (Akaneya Hiyaka, Serizawa Yuu, Kubota Myu)

Another up-beat song done by Himitsu, Yuu-chan and Myutan. The way they started the song was so cute, that Yuu-chan doe. The dance they did was so adorbs, and followed the same choreo from the show. Started from the main stage and slowly making their way to the middle stage. Was a spectacular sight to see, and would like to see it again.

16. ミラクル☆パラダイス/i☆Ris

LET’S GO! LET’S GO! MINNA DE LET’S GO! I loveeeee this song, it’s the few songs I knew from i☆Ris before going into this event. It’s one of the opening songs for PriPara and easily a crowd favourite. i☆Ris girls knew how to use the stage space, and this made this performance so much better.

17. Make it!/i☆Ris

With this being the last song, it was quite fitting. It was able to hype up the crowd one last time before the event ended. All I gotta say is the dance for this song was top notch. People still went crazy with the calls, which was cool to be a part of. Each member had a moment to shine during the song. I can see myself being interested in this group in the near future.

Before the show had ended, everyone appeared on the stage one last time to say their thanks and goodbyes.

Closing Thoughts

I can see myself going deeper into the PriPara & Pretty Rhythm hole. Having only seen the first season of Pretty Rhythm, I thought this was event was enjoyable even going in semi-blind. The line-up for this event was spectacular, and I was finally able to see seiyuus I always liked. Also, i☆Ris has really left a good impression on me, and I think it would be fun to go to their 1st solo concert. Don’t be surprised if you see me playing the PriPara arcade game in the future LOL. Would have loved to see RumiRumi perform or LISP do another song, but it was a fantastic event overall.


Source: Mikako Komatsu’s twitter @mikakokomatsu


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