Anisong Ichiban!! in 松戸


This was my first Anisong Ichiban!! event that featured the cast of Ohashi Ayaka, Kido Ibuki, Tadokoro Azusa, Machico, Yamazaki Erii and Kyoka. If you’re a fan of the girls from THE iDOLM@STER or a Horipro fan in general, this event is a must. Joining me on this experience is @Allocer90, @houkoholic, @garbej12, @matcha_p and @LandRoverAttack.

On the way to the Venue

A few hours prior to going to the event, I found out that my tickets went missing. At this moment of time, I was so confused. This event was suppose to be the opener to my weekend filled with events. Thankfully @Allocer90 was able to secure off ticket bot, at the expense of missing buppan. The venue hall itself was 1.5 hrs away from where I’m currently residing, and was a 10 minute walk from the station. As we waited for the doors to open, we met up with the seller, then @houkoholic a few minutes later and then the rest of the gang. Before my ticket went missing, I was suppose to be on the 3rd floor somewhere. So getting a seat 16 rows away from the stage was a blessing. Sitting beside me was @Allocer90, and we had a fantastic view of the girls.

Flower Stands



OPアクト 真っ赤な誓い/大木貢祐

I wasn’t expecting an opening act and I had no clue who this person was. but sure knows how to get a crowd going. He has very good vocals imo.


Second time seeing this song performed live, and its so much fun every time. This was a fantastic way to start off the event. every♡ing! is so hype.

2.BLESS YoUr NAME/大橋彩香

Hasshi covering a High School! DxD Born song by ChouCho. If you liked the original, you might like Hasshi’s version too since it had it’s own unique twist.


This is Hasshi’s new song for the show “Comet Lucifer”. As you can tell by the name of the song title, the crowd made a blue sky with KBs. I was more impressed by Hasshi in this song, compared to her previous song she performed. I guess this had to do with the calls being more fun.


HOLY SHIT! This was my first time seeing Machico perform and I was completely wow’d when she appeared on stage. Great song, great cover. Machico knows how to please the audience with her voice and outfits.

5.Secret Of My Heart/Machico

This is a slow ballad song originally by Mai Kuraki. It was great to see Machico cover this type of song, since she is able to show off her vocal skills. Not sure if the crowd was into it, but I loved every second of it.


iirc Kido-chan covered fuwa fuwa time at the last Anisong Ichiban!! event, so it would be no suprise if she covered another K-On! song. I haven’t heard this song in a long time, so it was quite refreshing to hear Kido’s version.


ah Kido is the best.


Prior to performing this song, Kido had a wardrobe malfunction. Her ribbon on her shoulder kept untying, and she had to get help from the staff to fix it.

For those who don’t know Maruta, it’s basically a bunny mascot. Very cute song, and both Maruta and Kido did the dance when performing this song. You can check out the dance here.

9.Dreamy Princess/山崎エリイ

Erii appeared with a lolita dress, which was quite fitting to the song and her personality. She is literally a dreamy princess imo


This was amazing! The song itself does not match Erii’s appearance nor personality at all. I would love to see this side of her more.


Kyoka is weird, but this was an amusing performance. She did some popping and tutting, which is cool I guess.


Finally Koroazu made an appearance!! The original song is amazing and catchy, so hearing Koroazu’s version was even better. I haven’t seen Game of Laplace, but I might need to change that after hearing this.


Such rock, much wow. Koroazu’s version of Alchemy was quite hype. The crowd responded well to her cover.


A song from the show Sugar Sugar Rune. Not the collab I wanted to see, but it was fun nonetheless.


Best part of the live imo. If you loved Pikasha×Nana version of this song, you would love the Koroazu×Machico version. Every second of this was amazing.


Catchy song and had very fun calls.



Koroazu performing her latest single. One of her better songs imo. Would have loved to hear this with a live band.

EC2.thread a needle/Machico

Machico’s encore outfit was yabai. You can see a photo of it from her blog.


I finally got to hear their debut single live! Very fun song to do calls to. I loved how the people around me would do the dance to this song.

Also Kido wearing her t-shirt backwards, not sure if this was on purpose or an accident.


Classic song from the show “True Tears”. Simply amazing.


The biggest news that came out of this event, was the announced of this event was Machico Fantastic★Tour 2016. You can find more info about it here.

Also, Hasshi’s jacket cover got shown too. You can find more info about it here.

Closing Remarks

Very fun event, you should attend Anisong Ichiban!! if you have the chance. They seem to do it seasonally. Hasshi did not get to sing much as the other girls, which is kinda shocking. Also, she didn’t do a collab song with Kido-chan… One of the highlights of this event was definitely the KoroAzu×Machico collab. Another highlight was definitely the Kido block. As usual, every♡ing! is hype as always so nothing new there. Hmm, Machico didn’t perform any of her songs from her cover albums. Would have been amazing if she did ハナマル☆センセイション, but oh well. Today was pretty hectic in general, but being able to attend this event after what happened made it worth. Thanks HoriPro.

P.S. i noticed koroazu’s teacher hanging around the venue doors when leaving.

P.P.S. you can check out the following blogs regarding this event here, here, here, and here


source: HoriPro twitter

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