TrySail Live 2015 “The Golden Voyage of TrySail”

golden voyage

TrySail is a unit formed by three voice actresses (Asakura Momo, Amamiya Sora and Natsukawa Shiina) affiliated with Music Ray’n. Basically, TrySail is the 2nd generation of Sphere. “The Golden Voyage of TrySail” is the 2nd live the girls have done in 2015. Since I choose to do Asapon North over their 1st live back in May, I had to go to this one. Hmm, it might have been fun to go eventing with @7thwraith again at that moment of time but that didn’t happen. Joining me on this adventure is @houkoholic, @matcha_p, @zorogou, @garbej12 and @LandRoverAttack

On the way to the Venue

After what had happened to my Anisong Ichiban ticket, I thought my bad luck was over for the weekend. Welp, that didn’t seem to be the case. Apparently my afternoon session ticket was already claimed without mine or Landro’s notice. In the end, I had to re-buy my ticket with the help of @houkoholic… Uh, buppan started at 10:00 am and I arrived at Pacifico at 10:30 am. I met up with @houkoholic and @garbej12 after we bought our goods and went to eat lunch moments later. On the way back, we met up with the oh so famous “Stefan-san”, then @LandRoverAttack and @matcha_p before heading inside the venue. Before going inside the hall itself, I noticed that on the ground floor of the venue there was a place to gacha and a flower stand area.

Originally I wasn’t planning to go to both sessions of TrySail, and do Bang Dream! later that day. The first session took longer than I thought, and I would have missed 2/3 of the Bang Dream! live if I left right away. Luckily enough, comrade decided not do the night session and I took his ticket off him. I’m was kinda sad that I missed out on Aimin and Hasshi, but there will be more opportunities in the future. My seat for both sessions were B-44-18 and B-41-31. I sat beside 10ch fans in the afternoon, and with Landro during the evening. Overall, I thought my view was decent enough for me to enjoy the live.

Goods and Gacha

There were two lines you could have queued up when you arrived at Pacifico. I decided to queue up at the goods lines first, since merchandise would sell out. The only goods I wanted was the blue t-shirt, pamphlet, and the clear file and maybe the parka. It was 10:30 am when I lined up, and it was 12:30 pm when I got inside to buy. By that time, majority of the merchandise sold out and I was only able to snag a pamphlet.  I think there was a special bromide you could have gotten if you bought 10ch’s photobook, too bad I already have a copy. Hmm, with the money I didn’t use at the goods line, I just wasted it on gacha.

To be honest, I don’t mind getting a bunch of Mocho badges even though I oshi Nansu. In another time line, I would definitely represent Mocho (o・∇・o).

Flower Stands

Ah, there was so many nice flower stands at this event. You can see @rr_alouette’s flower stand for 10ch above or here!

Originally, me and @houkoholic were suppose to make a flower stand for this live as well. Due me getting into WUG! tour bus, I had to stop organizing the stand. Basically, I don’t money. Maybe I should have asked other TrySail fans if they wanted in on this, but no point dwelling on the past now. Here’s a illustration I drew just in case the stand did happen. I will definitely organize one for TrySail 3rd fosho.




I will comment on the afternoon set list only, since it’s quite similar to the evening set.


1. Sail Out

This is their second track on their debut single. The song itself kinda reminds me of the song “Future Stream” for some reason. Great way to start the live imo.

2. 僕らのシンフォニー

This song was performed after the “Idol Island” bit. iirc this was a catchy ballad song.

3. ピカピカの太陽 / 夏川椎菜 from「学園アリス」

Man, Nansu was so cute in this that my heart couldn’t handle it. She even did the dance too! link

4. 星間飛行 / 麻倉もも from「マクロスF」

Apparently, Mocho had to use google to find out popular anisong tunes and she ended up choosing this. I loved the blouse she wore in this, so stylish.

5. Velvet Rays / 雨宮天

I can see why majority of the crowd are 10ch fans; such a powerful performance.

6. コバルト

One of the songs I wanted to hear the most. The dance for this is so goooood! The 10ch fans beside were doing the dance too lol

7. あかね色(新曲)

One of their newer songs that they performed at this live. iirc they did a cappella at the beginging, which also reminded me of Sphere.

8. ひかるカケラ(新曲)

Another new song from TrySail, very fun to do calls to.

9. ブルーウォーター from「ふしぎの海のナディア」

TrySail did an awesome cover of this song, I was very impressed.

10. ウィーアー! from「ONE PIECE」

With the pirate theme going on in the pamphlet, one can expect they would do a One Piece song right? Welp, I didn’t expect this and was totally surprised.  Would love to hear their version again!

11. Baby My Step(新曲)

The girls taught us the calls before performing the song. I think the calls went like “ベビー”, “ベビー”, “さあ遅いで”, and something else. I think this is my favourite new song out of the three.

12. ホントだよ

Basically, I paid to see TrySail twice just to hear this song again. Best song imo, maybe tied with “useful dreamer” w.

13. Youthful Dreamer

Another hype song in their discography, very fun calls.

EN0. お肉地獄(コント)

Very silly song, and I enjoyed every second of it.

EN1. ひかるカケラ

This song was chosen by roulette. Prior to this, the girls drew song titles out of a box and placed it onto their respective colour. Nansu drew “Youthful Dreamer”, Mocho drew “Honto Dayo”, and 10ch drew “Hikaru kakera”. Moments later, Nansu spun the wheel and it between the 10ch/mocho line. Since it was a tie, Mocho spun the wheel again and it landed on 10ch’s choice of song.


1. Sail Out
2. 僕らのシンフォニー
3. 星間飛行 / 麻倉もも from「マクロスF」
4. Velvet Rays / 雨宮天
5. ピカピカの太陽 / 夏川椎菜 from「学園アリス」
6. コバルト
7. あかね色(新曲)
8. ひかるカケラ(新曲)
9. ブルーウォーター from「ふしぎの海のナディア」
10. ウィーアー! from「ONE PIECE」
11. Baby My Step(新曲)
12. ホントだよ
13. Youthful Dreamer

EN0. おもち2兄弟とおにぎり2兄弟、はいここまで。お腹すいたね〜(コント)
EN1. 僕らのシンフォニー

Talk Corner

Basically there were several topics discussed in this corner. There were small changes in dialogue between the two sessions. I was amazed how one small change can make one session completely different to the other.

  • Prologue – something about not drinking the sea water, and Mocho doing it anyways
  • Realtor Island – real estate on mt. fuji iirc
  • Pizza Island – Nansu getting trolled while ordering Pizza
  • School Island – Nansu was the teacher, while the other two girls were students. They had to speak english in the afternoon session.
  • Reporter Island – 10ch is such a bad reporter w
  • Interview Island
  • Idol Island – Depending on the session Mocho and 10ch would either be chu2 or nekos
  • Manzai Island – a small bit between mochonansu/mochoten depending on who did their solo song last
  • Epilogue – pre-recording while the girls get ready for the encore

You can also check out @takapiyo’s small reports here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Make sure you follow him too!


  • The stage was setup so well, it kinda looked like this
  • The girls would wear goods clothing during the talk corner, hoping you would subconsciously buy them
  • You can see what the girl’s wore in this illustration done by @rioyk711
  • There was a part where 10ch would just spaz out due to a “head-ache” or “itchiness”
  • nansu is great
  • mocho is happiness
  • I’m more fond of 10ch after this event, she was so good during the talk corner
  • We did a crowd wave away and towards them. The reaction the girls did were p cute
  • TrySailのTRYangle harmony FES announced, you can find more info here
  • TrySailのMusic Rainbow 03 was also announced, you can find more info here

Closing Remarks

I think this was my favourite event so far, out of the 16. Being able to see the girls in person was an amazing experience. I’m kinda glad I did both sessions instead of one, and it was definitely worth the money. I really don’t mind missing Bang Dream! for this. Hmm, I guess I hakooshi TrySail now, like I do with Sphere. Whenever the 3rd live is announced, I’ll definitely be there and do a flower stand fosho. Thanks to those who made this event so much fun!

p.s. Ah mochotennnansu so gooood.

p.p.s. you can check out the girl’s blogs regarding this event here, here and here.


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2 thoughts on “TrySail Live 2015 “The Golden Voyage of TrySail”

  1. Wow, based on the reactions of the others I knew it was a good event, but you’ve done a good job filling in the details. Thanks for the write-up (JT hasn’t written up TrySail 1st… yet).

    The flower thing was unfortunate. Should’ve said something to me wwww

    I can also do something about your Mocho badges…

    • I think I could have talked about the topics in more detail, but meh I’ll do it later; No idea when JT will do the 1st live report

      I’ll hit you up whenever 3rd is.

      First thing that came to my mind when I got a bunch of mocho badges is to give you and basu one ww

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