アニ玉祭 Festival


Basically, Anitamasai Festival happens in Saitama every year on 10/17/2015. The festival itself, involves anime and manga that came out this year. This year happens to be the 3rd annual festival at Sonic City. Since there were a lot of events that interested me, I decided to take part. Some events include Urawa no Usagi, Homerun Raji, and Anisong Club! Joining me at Anitamasai Festival is @garbej12 and @Kazearashi.

On the way to the Venue

Before heading out to Anitamasai Festival, Garb decided to come over to Nerima and watch the final episode of Cinderella Girls with me w. Ah, what a amazing episode and a great way to start the day.

Hmm, it took 50 minutes to get to Sonic City. If I had arrive a few minutes earlier, I could have caught a glimpse of Kido-chan and Rippi at their Re-Kan owatashikai. The day prior, Kaze had warned me that they would be there for awhile, but I chose to ignore that anyways. After missing out Kido and Rippi, we shortly met up with Kaze and explored the booths. Notable booths at the Anitamasai fest. include the Kokosake, Re-Kan, Urawa no Usagi, Gate and etc. After 30 mins of looking aorund, me and Kaze had a Urawa no Usagi event to attend to at 13:00. I think Garb just chilled at the main stage and waited for Ruuri and Sugita to appear while we were gone.


This show is an original anime to advertise Urawa City in Saitama, Japan. Basically, it’s a comedy slice of life show. Personally I haven’t seen the show itself, but I decided to get a ticket because of the cast alone. The cast that appeared during this session were Akesaka Satomi, Ookubo Rumi, Asami Seto, and Kubota Miyu. My seat was in the 14th row, and it was a still pretty close to the stage.

Talk Show

Before the event started, there was video showing the progression of Urawa no Usagi in the last few months. For some reason, whoever made the video decided to use the song “Flash Back” by capsule. Being a fan of capsule myself, I thought this was amusing.  After the video was done, the girls introduced them self in the order below. If I remember correctly, Setomin messed her introduction and Rumirumi was very azatoi.

久保田未夢 → 瀬戸麻沙美 → 明坂聡美 → 大久保瑠美

After the cast introduced themselves, a short video of whatever character they voiced was shown. The idea behind this was to give you a rough idea of the characters if you had not seen the show. The girls would take turns talking about traits of their character and etc. During this, there would be some interactions between Ake-chan and Setomin. They would tease each other, and drink their water like they would drink wine w. Hmm, the quiz corner started shortly after this segment.

Quiz Corner

Since this anime is based on Saitama, the questions asked during this corner were based on Saitama too!  There were 5 questions, whoever has the most pts by the end wins. The MC in the event would award you a pt, depending on the answer whatever the girls’ wrote. So there could be multiple answers for one question.

Question 1: Name a city in the Saitama Prefecture?

All the girls were stumped, and kept asking for hints. By the end of it, only Myu-tan ended up with a pt.

Question 2: ???

I don’t recall what was asked for this question, but Akechan ended up getting a pt only.

Question 3: What famous foods is Saitama known for?

Multiple answers were accepted, such as igamanjuu and niboutou. Only Myu-tan and Rumirumi got a pt this round.

Question 4: Who is Saitama’s mascot?

The correct answer is Kobaton, and only Ake-chan received a pt.

Setomin for the last few rounds had no idea what was going on.

Question 5: Can you make up a catch phrase for Saitama?

Since this is the final round, you would get +3 pts if you answered correctly.

The girls gave multiple answers, after receiving so many hints from the MC. At first, only Miyu-tan and Akechan gave an appropriate catch phrase, then Setomin manged to do it too. Rumirumi kept on begging for more hints since she couldn’t think of one, and ended up with a -1 pt.

tl;dr Myu-tan with 5 pts, Setomin with 3 pts, Akechan with 5 pts, and Rumirumi with 0 pts.

Since this ended up as a tie between Myu-tan and Akechan, they just played janken. By the end of this, Akechan was crowned the winner!


After the quiz corner ended, the girls were give 2x chances to prize a gift to the audience. Some prizes included a poster, character shikishi, manju and can badges. Kaze was so very close to getting a prize from Setomin, but the person beside him ended up winning it. Shortly after, the girls said their good-byes and that was the end of this event.



During this time, there would be multiple guests appearing at the main stage to advertise their upcoming/airing TV show. Shows include Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan, and ANISAVA. The main purpose for attending this stage was to see Takahashi Chiaki and Tadokoro Azusa. I wasn’t expecting Asai Ayaka to appear at this stage, so that was a nice surprise.

As soon as Chiaking and Koroazu appeared on stage, it was the most amusing thing ever. Basically, the image of these two are polar opposites of each other. Chiaking is known to be quite sexy, while Koroazu has a pure/innocent image to her. Uh, the girls would take turns advertising the show. Sometimes Chiaking would try to show off her main assets too lel. During this stage, Chiaking kept calling Tadokoro Azusa by her nickname by accident. Then had to explain to the audience the derived meaning of it. By the end of this stage, Koroazu said she needs to level up her eroi. I guess that has to do something with her character from this show.



A few minutes before this started, Reichama and Yuiton began decorating the main stage with Tokyo Swallows and Hanashin Tiger merchandise. Yuiton would take down whatever Reichama would hang up, which would lead to Reichama chasing Yuiton for a few minutes. After they were done teasing each other, the stage began.

If you listened to this raji regularly, you would know how lulsy and chaotic things can get. For this stage, Yuuki Kana and Eino Airi were the special guests. Ai-chan only appeared for 15 mins though because she had to prepare for Anisong Club! later that day. But before she could leave, the other girls would tease and poke fun at the Rakuten Eagles.

One of the corners that happened during this stage was a mini fantasy pool. The girls would take turns naming players from the teams they rep’d, and then randomly draw a W/L envelope from the box. There was two rounds with Reichama and Kanashi versus each other, while Yuiton would be the narrator during this. Reichama would taunt Kanashi during the draw, which was hilarious. They ended up going 1-1 after two rounds.

Another corner they did was a celebration corner. There would be a commentator who would make up a random scenario, which would lead to ‘x’ team getting a home run. First up was Reichama, during this she would be quite anxious and jittery. But when the Swallows gotten a home run, Reichama would jump up and down screaming lol. Next up with Yuiton in her onesie. During this time, Yuiton would also be anxious and would blow up a balloon to relieve some stress. As soon as her team has gotten a home run, the balloon she was blowing up was at max capacity and she let go up it to celebrate by accident. She ended up chasing the balloon around the stage until it hit the ground. Lastly, Kanashi was up to show off her celebration. I think her celebration was quite tame, as she would sit down and tap her feet.

After this corner finished, Kaze and I had to leave 10 mins early for Anisong Club! I don’t think they did anything else, but thanking everyone for coming and etc.

p.s. I didn’t know Reichama was so short and pretty in person


アニソンCLUB!-i in ソニックシティ

First off, I want to thank @paranda_update for his insane Hasshi luck. He ended up getting me 4th row seats for this event.

Anisong club! is a program presented by animelo live with Nitta Emi and Ohashi Ayaka as the MCs. For this event they had i☆Ris, Wake Up, Girls! and Taketatsu Ayana as guests. This event was also streamed online if you have a animelo membership, and parts of it will be shown in the incoming episodes.

Anisong Club Gakuen

ラブ+I・N・G/つんへご was the opening act before the event began (video). Megane Emitsun is p cute.


Emitsun and Koniwa were the teachers during this class period. While Hasshi, Yuuki, Sakisama, Mayuc, and Myu were the students. The idea behind this segment was to learn chu2. Before every round, they would show OP songs from ZAQ, Mayayan and Minorin that was related to chu2. Depending on the show, they would get a word in hiragana and the students would have to use their imagination and guess the correct kanji for it. There were only 5 rounds for this corner. After each round, the teachers would walk around and see who got what right. If remember correct, Hasshi was horrible at this. When she didn’t know the kanji, Emitsun would take responsibility and blame herself for being a bad teacher lol. There was one round where Hasshi would draw a cat, when she was stumped. The Iris girls and Mayuc were also bad at this. However, Myu, the queen of chu2 and got all 5 kanjis correct! What a model student for others to look up to.


Emitsun and Koniwa were also the teachers for this class period. While Hasshi, Ayachi, Yuu-chan, Himitaso, Ai-chan and Yoppi were the students. The idea behind this segment was to only speak in english! One of the task was to introduce themselves without speaking in english and it kinda went down like this.

Hasshi: Hello, my name is Ayaka Ohashi and I like peperoncino. This is very exciting!

Ayachi: Uh, uh, my name is Ayana Taketatsu. I love beef! I love pork! rock and roll!! Uh, I am very hungry. Nice to meet you.

Yuu-chan: Hello, my name is Yuu Serizawa! I LOVE 優 x5.

Himitaso: Yo, my name is Himika Akaneya! (rap)

Ai-chan: Hey, my name is Airi Eino. You can call me Ai-chan! (in a deep voice)

Yoppi: Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Yoshino Aoyama and I like poems

After introductions were done, they played a game kinda like charades, but you could also give hints in english/japanese. However the correct answer had to be in english! The students needed to win 6 rounds to avoid a batsu game. The 6 words for the rounds were Autumn, Festival,  Rock, Rainbow, Magic, and Karaoke. The girls went in this order below:

竹達彩奈 → 大橋彩香 → 芹澤優 → 永野愛理 → 青山吉能 → 茜屋日海夏

Ayachi was the first to try to get Hasshi to say Autumn. Even with Ayachi’s horrible english, she managed to pass the round somehow. Hasshi used Anitamasai as an example to get Yuu-chan to say Festival. Yuu-chan just played air guitar to get Ai-chan to guess Rock. Ai-chan used i☆Ris itself to get Yoppi to say Rainbow, since they have rainbow colors. Yoppi easily was able to get Himitaso to say Magic easily, by doing a card trick. However, Himitaso had trouble getting Ayachi to guess Karaoke due to both of them sucking at english. By the end of this, Himitaso wasn’t able to pass the round and had to do the batsu game.

Basically, the batsu game was “What is inside the box”. The items inside the box was broccoli and i☆Ris 1st live BD. If you seen this game before, you know that ‘x’ person reaching inside would be very scared in general. Himitaso was no exception. After a few times of touching the brocolli, she thought it was a towel lol… After failing to guess the object right, she just advertised i☆Ris 1st live BD.


Emitsun and Koniwa were the teachers for this class period. While Ayachi, Myu, Zuuchan, Minyami, Nanamin and Kayatan were the students. Basically this segment was about the history of Anisama. They brought out a board that consists of debuts of artists and accomplishments that happened in the past 15 years. Some accomplishments would be hidden, and the students would have to guess. There were times during this where Emitsun would get very happy, whenever μ’s was brought up. There was also a part where Emitsun asked the WUG! girls who debuted in 2014, and they had no idea it was them. Lastly, since Ayachi was able to guess most of these correct she ended up “graduating” from school, and was given a certificate that said “肉” on it w.


Since Hasshi was the student president, she lead home room class for this segment. While Yuu-chan, Himitaso, Myu, Yoppi, Nanamin and Kayatan would be the students. Basically they talked about what songs they normally sing at karaoke. The students went one by one and said whatever song they enjoy singing.

Yuu-chan: 残酷な天使のテーゼ

Himitaso: Butter-fly

Myu: マジLOVE1000%

Yoppi, Nanamin, Kayatan: Beyond the Bottom

Shortly after this, Hasshi showed the audience the most popular karaoke songs (anisong).

Top 10 Karaoke Songs (anisong)

  1. Butter-fly / 和田光司
  2. No Brand Girls / μ’s
  3. SKILL / JAM Project
  4. Rising Hope / LiSA
  5. ETERNAL BLAZE / 水樹奈々
  6. 正解はひとつ!じゃない!/ ミルキィホームズ
  7. only my railgun / fripSide
  8. GO!!! / FLOW
  9. 真っ赤な誓い / 福山芳樹
  10. Wonderful Rush/お願い!シンデレラ /  μ’s / CG

Live Corner

1. タチアガレ!/Wake Up, Girls!

I can never get tired of this song, no matter how many times I hear it. It’s a great song in general.

2. 少女交響曲/Wake Up, Girls!

Since I didn’t get to go to WUG! 2nd live, I finally got to see this. Watching Myu and Minyami do the dance for this was mesmerizing.

3. NEXTAGE/i☆Ris

Second time seeing this live, and its still pretty good!

4. Make it!~ミラクル☆パラダイス~Realize!/i☆Ris

Ah, they did a Pripara melody and it was fantastic.

5. ブライトファンタジー/i☆Ris

New single that just came out, and I only seen the PV a few times.  Very catchy song in general.

6. 空色デイズ/大橋彩香&i☆Ris

i☆Ris and Hasshi covered a song from Shokotan! I wasn’t expecting any collabs at this event, so this was a nice surprise.

7. ワグ・ズーズー/うぇいくあっぷがーるZOO!

Man… those WUG! Zoo shirts looked amazing in person, I need to buy them once they’re on sale.


8. ライスとぅミートゅー/竹達彩奈 feat. うぇいくあっぷがーるZOO!

When the WUG! girls were talking meat, I should have expected this to happen. This was an amazing collab, and maybe will only happen once in a life time. I LOVE BEEF! I LOVE PORK! ROCK AND ROLL!!

9. 齧りかけの林檎/竹達彩奈

Ayachi… I

10. Little*Lion*Heart/竹達彩奈

Not sure best song imo, but was still pleasant to see it live. The crowd created a sea of yellow just for this song.

11. ライオン/新田恵海&竹達彩奈

Ah, I remember this like it was yesterday. The day where Emitsun outclassed Ayachi…

12. NEXT PHASE/新田恵海

CHA-CHA-CHA!I might need to Emitsun after this; very good song in general!

13. おしえてブルースカイ/大橋彩香

My second time seeing this live, and I thought this time was way better than the first. Hasshi sure had improved in the past 2 weeks.

14. THE GATE!!/新田恵海&大橋彩香&i☆Ris&Wake Up, Girls!&竹達彩奈&こにわ

I haven’t been to anisama yet, so this was kinda cool they did this.

15. ラブ+I・N・G/つんへご feat. i☆Ris&Wake Up, Girls!&竹達彩奈

There was a certain call during this song where you make a heart with someone adjacent with you… too bad the people beside didn’t want to do it  w. Emitsun and Hasshi just lead the song, while the rest were back up singers. By the end fof the song, Hasshi was waiting for Mayuc to making a heart sign, and it took ages lel.

After the final song ended, the cast took photos and said their good-byes and etc.

Closing Remarks

I never been to an anime festival before, so this was a first. It felt like a mini-convention in a way. There was a lot of free events you could attend, and the events you had to pay for were top notch. Urawa no Usagi, Homerun Raji, and Anisong club were very fun. I got to see a bunch of people I haven’t seen yet, such as Sugita, Reichama, Setomin, Kanashi, Yuiton, and Chiaking. Hmm, I wonder if Machi Asobi is similar to this. I guess one way to find out is go to the next one.

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