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Lady Go!! is a radio program that started in 2010 with the following personalities: Teramoto Yukika, Mikami Shiori, Takahamori Natsumi, Ookubo Rumi and Komatsu Mikako. In 2011, Yukka left and Sumipe had joined the program to fill the void. This was around the time when I started to listening to the radio. I listened to LG! for quite some time now, and became more fond of the girls as the days go by. When they announced that the program was ending at their 5th date this year, I knew I had to attend this event. Joining me at this graduation ceremony is @Kazearashi, @matarovn and @Matteasu.

side-note: if you listened to the final episodes of this program, you would notice that Matteasu had mail read under the RN: Kurapan.

On the way to the Venue

I was at Akimatsuri in Akiba before heading over to Maihama Amphitheater. For some reason, it took 30 mins for Akimatsuri to begin than schedule… If it had ran on time, I would arrived at Maihama around 3:30 pm instead of 4:15 pm. I made Kaze wait for me while the event had started. If you’re reading this Kaze, I’ll make it up to you next time we go eventing together. Uh, this was my first time at this venue and google maps had lead me to the back side of Maihama Amphitheater. I did not know you could have gone through the mall to access the venue… Anyways, knowing that I was gonna be late for the event, I ran my butt off to meet up with Kaze to get my ticket. When I had entered the venue itself, there was a bunch of flower stands but I couldn’t take photos of them until after the event. My seat was row 16-41,  and my view was pretty decent. There was a screen if you could not see from the back, and there was a Lady Go!! logo in the center of the stage.

Flower Stands

Our Flower Stand

I just wanted to say thank you to @Matteasu for organizing this flower stand, @saiseki for drawing the illustration, and everyone who pitched in to fund it. The flower stand itself looked amazing in person, and it was getting a lot of attraction from people at the event.

If you’re looking to do a flower stand for a event in the future, hit up @hananoki_flower. He made this stand possible, and does good work in general.

Lady Go!! Timeline

Since I arrived 15 mins late to the event, I missed out on their introductions I think. Since Mikashii is the leader of the raji, she was basically the MC for majority of the event. The girls were in the middle of going through the LG! timeline from 2010~2015. There would be screen showing things that had happened during ‘x’ month for ‘y’ personality. They would laugh and tease each other depending on what had happened in the past. By the end of this segment, there was a screen showing all the corners the girls had done until now.

There was a part where the audience would call Sumipe “kawaii”, and she would give her usual reaction lol.

Character Corner

During this time, the girls would go back stage and become one of their characters from ‘x’ corner. Mikashi dressed in an apron, became a love-able wife that would say honey all the time. Natsunee in her yellow hat became, Nachumi the elementary schooler. Rumirumi in sunglasses and bunny ears became, the high class host. Mikakoshi in her glasses, became mazaa mikako. Lastly, Sumipe dressed in a Russian doll outfit, became android “Sumire”.

Sumipe had the best outfit for this corner, she could barely move in it lel.


Still in their character outfits they did a small drama bit. Basically the story was super random and cray. Mikashii would call Rumirumi honey and darling all the time. Nachumi would ask if Mikashii and Rumirumi were her parents. There was a part where they ate curry dinner together. Uh, koshi would just be mazaa mikako during this. The camera would zoom in and out on koshi. Since CG 1st was at the same venue, Natsunee was about to sing “Onegai! Cinderella!” but had to stop abruptly. Moments later, Sumipe also wanted to sing it too w. I think that’s all that happened during this part.

Weiner Party

During this segment there was a rotating kotatsu table in the middle of the stage. They basically ate hot dogs and choco and talked random stuff for awhile. Moments later, it was time to put things inside their time capsule. Mikashii put her apron inside, Natsunee put her elementary hat, Rumirumi put her idol wand, Mikakoshi put in her own personally glasses, and Sumipe put in a russian doll filled with oranges and choco. I would have thought Rumirumi would have put in Mei-chan, but I guess she isn’t ready to part ways with her just yet. To celebrate this occasion, the staff brought out a cake where the girls would cut it together. There was a part during this where Mikashii would just prpr Mikakoshi lol. After cutting the cake, Mikakoshi would feed the girls pieces of it.


Before the weiner party had come to an end, Mikakoshi thought it was a great idea to take a panorama shot of the audience. I think she used a iPhone 6 for this. Being the klutz that Mikakoshi is, it took her 3 tries to get the panorama shot right. The rest of the members would get super upset when she failed, since they had to hold a pose for a minute. The photo below was the final result.


Live Corner

The girls came out with beautiful white dresses during this part, they looked so amazing!

1. Open Tuning

The first opening song for Lady Go! The calls and dance for this are super fun.

2. Progression

The second opening song for Lady Go! I could not keep my eyes off Natsunee during this song for some reason.

3. 星を捜して

Their first ending song and a slow ballad in general. Lots of waving back and forth. I think Mikashii started to cry during this.

4. A Little Magic

My favourite song in their whole discography. Just something about this song makes me tear up inside. Sumipe had trouble singing her part during this, as she was busy crying…

5. 君と僕との1ページ

Another great song from .lady. I think this was an emotional song for the girls, since it was the last time they would sing together as 5.

Graduation & Speeches

Before this segment had started, there was a video showing all the “dates” leading up to this event. It was quite surreal to see how much these girls had accomplished over the years.

The girls would go up to the podium and receive their certificate. They would go in the following order below:

  上坂すみれ → 小松未可子 → 大久保瑠美 →  高森奈津美 → 三上枝織

The staff member who was giving out the certificate would say a small speech for each girl. He would mention the all the funny and embarrassing times about ‘x’ girl. Overall, it was mostly about gratitude and appreciation. This was a nice way to temporarily stop the “sad” atmosphere in the venue. A standing ovation happened after each member went.

Moments later, it was time for each member to say their speeches. They went in the same order as above. This part was so sad, I cried during this. In general, the speeches were about thanking the staff, first impressions of each member, and the listeners. Mikashii would talk about how the other members would follow her steps anywhere she went and etc. Sumipe thanked the audience for being her friend. Mikakoshi, Rumirumi and Natsunee would talk about Sumipe being the little sister. Uh, every member cried expect Rumirumi. I was most surprised by Natsunee, since she cried the most during her speech.

After speeches were done, the staff brought out a board filled out with messages from the audience. I wished I had arrived earlier to the venue… Anyways, the girls read a few messages out lout to the crowd. One of the messages had Mei-chan drawn poorly, and Rumirumi making a fuss about it. I think this part helped cheer up the mood in the venue. Moments later, the girls said their goodbyes and we did one final “LADY GO!!” together.


Closing Remarks

Seeing Lady Go! come to an end saddens me. However, with every end, there is a new beginning. I think every member has a new program they are working on. Even with this program finished, I’m sure people will remember Lady Go! as a entertaining and fantastic raji. I will continue to support each member for the coming years. This event itself was an emotional roller coaster, and I’m glad I was able to attend.


p.s. you can check out the girl’s blogs regarding this event here and here.


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  1. Much tears were shed and tissues used up… :'(

    …but well it was a great event overall so yeah see you next time bro 😀

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