On 10/24/2015 – 10/25/2015, WUG! held their first bus tour in Sendai. If you don’t know of Wake Up, Girls!, it’s basically composed of 7 girls: Yoshioka Mayu, Takagi Miyu, Okuno Kaya, Yamashita Nanami, Aoyama Yoshino, Eino Airi and Tanaka Minami. Out of the WUG-chans, you’ll probably know Minyami the most. Anyways, when the FC announced this tour, I immediately applied. A few months later, I found that I had gotten into this tour when I was hanging out with other WUGners in  New York. Since this was their first time doing a bus tour, I had little to no expectations going into this. Just based on how slow it was to receive the itinerary and schedule, I knew this bus would be lulsy in general. Fellow WUGners joining me on this tour bus are @blitzwingjp and @WAFSeiji.

On the way to Sendai

Prior before going on the tokyo-sendai bus, me and Seiji stayed up all night doing random stuff. Basically we ate at Hero’s Steakhouse, watched movies and loitered around until it was time to go. I guess this was a good bonding experience, since this was the first time we met each other. Prior leaving to Sendai, we checked in and were given a WUG LOVE wristband and a bus name tag. Uh, we got on the 8:30 bus and arrived at Sendai around 15:30. Shortly after arriving, we met up with Blitz to explore animega and animate (they had a CG corner with 2nd outfits, and the inner P in me couldn’t help be excited) before the tour started. There was also POP stands of WUG-chans hanging around too. On the way back, I noticed there was about 8 female WUGners on this tour. Hmm, before leaving the station to go to destination A, we were finally given a tour bus schedule lol. Apparently they wanted to keep things a secret. Also, WUG! songs were played during the bus while travelling.


Day 1

Date fm

This was the first destination for the WUG! bus tour. Basically, the WUG chans were doing a live recording for their radio. WUGners had a few options to choose from when at Date fm. You could either queue up to go inside the studio, queue to wave at the girls outside the studio window, or just loiter around and tune into the radio. Me and Seiji choose to line up to wave at the WUG-chans. It took 3 mins to get to the studio window, and only Minyami had the time to wave back. You only had 30 secs to wave, then you had to queue up again. While queuing, there was a kid inside a car store waving to us. I found this very hilarious and ironic at the same time. Basically, we paid top dollar to wave at the WUG-chans for 30 secs, when we could have waved to a kid whose’s giving us his full attention for free. That kid was of my highlights during this tour bus, and I think Seiji would agree. Moments later, we decided to go inside Date fm studio to see how things ran backstage. This moment also lasted 30 secs, and it was some-what cool. Since we had 35 minutes left before going to the hotel, I just queued up again with blitz to wave at the girls.

side-note: it was super windy and it rained lightly at Date fm



Prior going to our hotel room, the staff members were giving out gift bags. I got a lot of Myu and Nanamin goods, but no Ai-chan. I think Blitz got a lot Myu goods, and Seiji got a few Minyami stuff.

Originally, Ai-chan wanted you to meet new people within the room you were sharing for the next 2 days. You would sign each other’s booklet and get to know each other. Unfortunately, this did not happen thanks to Sasaki-san. He (the bus coordinator) had put me, Blitz and Seiji into the same room. I guess this was a good and bad thing since we know each other already, but missed out on meeting new people. Initially we thought there would be 6 people in a room and not 3. With that assumption, Seiji brought a lot of beef jerky from Singapore and I had to eat majority of it lol. Since we time to relax before heading to dinner, Seiji and I went to explore the hotel. We found out there was an onsen, gift shop, karaoke room, and arcade within the vicinity.


Before entering the dining area, you had to randomly draw a seat number to determine what table you should share with others. Basically, Ai-chan wanted us to meet new people again. Depending on the number you got, you would be very close or very far from the WUG-chans. Luckily for me, I was able to get #45. while Seiji got #50 and Blitz got #2xx. Dinner was all you can eat, as long as there was food left. I didn’t eat as much and planned to go to a conbini later with Seiji later that night. Anyways, we had 40 minutes to eat and talk with others until the WUG-chans made an appearance.

わぐちゃんと過ごす夕べ (Evening with WUG-chans)

Prior to the tour bus starting, the chief editor (Ai-chan), made us take a poll to see what WUG-chan you wanted as a imouto (妹), lover (恋), and wife (嫁). I voted for Nanamin, Ai-chan, and Myu in that order. Uh, go bug Blitz or Seiji to see who they voted for. With the seat number I randomly drew, I was quite close to the girls. Everyone wore a blouse+skirt ensemble expect for Myu, who wore wear jeans instead. I also noticed how short Mayuc’s and Kayatan’s skirt was lel.  Anyways, Ai-chan announced the results for the poll moments later (read below).


  1. みにゃみ (Minyami)
  2. ななみん (Nanamin)
  3. みゆ (Myu)


  1. ななみん (Nanamin)
  2. よっぴー (Yoppi)
  3. まゆしぃ (Mayushi)


  1. ななみん (Nanamin)
  2. あいちゃん (Ai-chan)
  3. かやたん  (Kayatan)

side-note: Minyami noted that Aichan is the type of girl who would welcome you home with open arms


Before they performed, WUG-chans had to decide who was on what team. It ended up with team ちゃーむず&もやごぼ (Minyami, Yoppi, Nanamin, Aichan) VS. team Twilight (Myu, Kayatan, Mayushi) being formed. The girls would take turns doing a covers and basically entertain us while we eat.

1. 恋しさと せつなさと 心強さと / みにゃみ

Haven’t heard this song in awhile, but it’s still pleasant to the ears. Minyami kept on doing a Shinohara Ryoko impression throughout the whole night. Ah, Minyami is so good and hilarious. She even got Myu to join her in this joke.

2. 童話迷宮 / みゆ

Overall good cover by Myu. Uh, you would be surprised how many WUGners were apart of the kingdom at this dinner.

3. めざせポケモンマスター!/ ななみん

Seeing Nanamin cover this was a treat to the eyes and ears.

4. どんだけファンファーレ / かやたん

This was quite hilarious to see Kayatan cover this song, ’cause it was too cute overall.

5. もののけ姫 / よっぴー

At first people laughed, but a few seconds later everyone shut up and gave her their divided attention. Yoppi’s vocal range is out of this world.

6. 境界の彼方 / まゆしぃ

You would be amazed how similar Mayushi can sing like Minorin. I blown away when she did Paradise Lost at Akimatsuri, but this was out of this world.

7. 棚からぼたもち / あいちゃん

Funniest performance of the night, and she even did the dance; Aichan why are you the best… Check out this video and you will understand why it was luls

Quiz Corner

Since Ai-chan loves Sendai so much, everyone (WUG-chans) should know the answers to these questions.

1. (I don’t remember the first question asked)

It had to with something about clams and summer pineapples? I don’t remember anymore… I do remember Yoppi drawing a fish, and it turned out to be the wrong answer anyways.

2. What is the name of Sendai’s pro basketball team?

Myu-chan「Vegalta Sendai!!」
Nanamin「Yes! It has to be Vegalta!!」
Ai-chan「Sorry, but that’s the name of our football team」
Myu-chan「Shotoku. It’s the only basketball team I know!」
Ai-chan 「That’s still wrong!」
Moments later
Ai-chan「Are you sure it isn’t 89ers?」
Mayushi「I wouldn’t have known if my father hadn’t talk about them the other day w」

3. How many wards are there in Sendai?

Ai-chan「Myu, you use to live in Sendai. You should know the answer to this」
Myu-chan「I only lived here for 3 years, and I only visited two places」
Moments later
Ai-chan「Eh, don’t you think you wrote too many?」
Myu-chan「I wrote 9! I thought there would be a more than this…」
Ai-chan「Yoppi, you’re gonna regret changing your answer! The correct number was 5!」
Yoppi「Erased 5 and wrote 11
Yoppi「Eh it was 5?! Bummer…」

tl;dr Mayushi and Kayatan had the most correct answers in this corner


I didn’t part-take in the afterparty later that night, but I heard the manager for WUG! did a mini live. You can go bug Blitz or Seiji if you want to hear more about it.

Day 2

ラジオ体操 (Radio Exercises)

For this part, the number you had drawn from last night dinner played a major role. If you had a higher number, you would be closer to the girls. If you had a lower number you would farther away from the girls. Since Blitz had drawn a high number from last night, he was near the front during morning exercise while me and Seiji were near the back. It was super windy and cold, I have to commend WUG-chans for not wearing jackets during this. Minyami lead the stretches while the WUG-chans and WUGners followed suit. The exercise only lasted 30 mins, and Minyami would stamp your booklet for you afterwards. You had about 10 seconds to talk to Minyami while she was stamping your book. Basically, Minyami had the toughest job during this part and while the other girls would be inside after the exercise.

仙台市八木山動物公園 (Yagiyama Zoo Park)

We went to the zoo to find the WUG-chans! The girls had split up into 3 groups: (Mayushi, Kayatan, Minyami), (Yoppi, Nanamin), and (Ai-chan, Myu-chan). At first we thought the WUG-chans! would hide at their respective animal counterpart at the zoo, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Basically it was a sign-kai when you found the girls. Seiji and I found Mayushi, Kayatan, Minyami first out of the 3 groups, and it took about 20 mins to queue. Mayushi would basically start off the sign-kai by writing your name into your booklet. During this time you could talk about anything you wanted; Mayushi and I talked about how fun Akimatsuri was. (Mayuc wasn’t wearing a coat in this cold windy weather). Anyways, it was time to get Kayatan’s autograph and we talked about the weather most of the time lol… When it was time to get Minyami’s autograph I was too busy thanking Sasaki-san again. What a waste of an opportunity… Moments later after getting the first group’s autographs, it was time to find the other girls. Since Blitz had already found the location of Yoppi and Nanamin, we headed there right away. By the time we got there, there was a giant line awaiting for us. There was only 30 mins left before we had to leave the zoo, so Yoppi and Nanamin had to rush in general. Yoppi and Nanamin kept on apologizing how there wasn’t much time to talk during this. By the time we had gotten the girls autographs, it was impossible to get to the Ai-chan/Myu-chan autographs. With the little time we had left, Seiji and I just wandered around and enjoyed the zoo. Having been spoiled by Ueno Zoo, I can say this zoo was decent at best.

青葉城址 (Aoba Castle)


We spent the remaining hours of the bus tour at Aoba Castle. First thing we did when we got there was lunch. We entered a some-what fancy restaurant that had a room filled tables, chairs and bentos. You could choose where you sat during lunch, if we had known that we should have sat closer to the entrance. WUG-chans made an appearance before everyone started eating. One by one they would tell us to enjoy the food and the area. When it was Minyami’s turn, she noticed that it was snowing outside. Moments after the girls had left the dining room, everyone chowed down on some grub.

There was feedback sheet you should fill out, after you were done eating. Questions asked on this sheet were: what was your favourite part of this bus tour? what things can we improve on? where do you want the next tour to be? what places should we have visted instead? Having only to visit Sendai twice, I still haven’t been to the park, luvya or Kayatan’s noodles.

Also, there was another schedule sheet showing what bus would go first for cheki with the WUG-chans. It went from bus 6 to bus 1 in that order, there was a 15 mins buffer in between cheki session.


Photo Session

Before the cheki part happened, everyone got together to do a group photo. This was quite bothersome to do since the photographer could not get everyone in the photo itself, and had to do multiple retakes until it was right. A ladder was used to capture everyone during this process. You can see myself, Seiji and Blitz in the photo below (if you can find us).

Since Seiji and I were a part of bus 6, we were first to go to take a cheki with the WUG-chans. During this time there was too much sunlight out at such a high elevation, which caused a high exposure on photo itself. You could barely see the amazing background and the girls because of this. Anyways, before taking your photo you had to choose what pose you wanted to do. Lots of people did kashikoma, peace signs, WUG! signs with their oshi and etc. In terms of people doing the WUG! sign with their oshi, Ai-chan, Nanamin, Yoppi were quite popular while Mayushi was the least popular. Uh, I just did double peaces when it was my turn. This moment only last 5 seconds then the girls would thank you afterwards. I basically paid 5万円 for this cheki, I don’t even know if it was worth it w. Hmm, it was fun watching the other WUGners interact with the girls. Some of the poses they did were genius and hilarious. A few of them did a double WUG! sign with 2 of their oshis w.

side-note: those on buses 1-2 had way better chekis due to the sun setting down

Grand Finale

When it was time to close out the WUG! tour bus, everyone gathered at the statue and the girls went one by one saying their thanks and etc. They saved Ai-chan for last, since she was the chief editor for this tour.  People would scream out ‘x’ person’s name when it was their turn, then clap when they were done. They also announced the release date for わぐばん!moments later. Before everyone went back to their respective buses, WUG! manager thought it was a good idea to take a group photo to post on twitter. When setting this up, the staff had told everyone to get closer to the girls than vice-versa. This turned into a chaotic mess real quick. Anyways, the photo turned out great and you can see myself and Seiji in it lol.


  • わぐばん!releases on 10/02/2016, and you can find more info about here
  • More fond of Mayushi after this trip
  • Kayatan is super cute in person
  • Minyami never ceases to amaze me
  • Ai-chan with a ponytail is love
  • Myu-chan is so quite pretty
  • How to make Nanamin my imouto…
  • Yoppi is quite the sweetheart

Closing Remarks

This was the first time WUG! has done a bus tour, and I think there’s a lot of room for improvement. There was a lot of idle time, and I kinda wished they did a few things differently. I would have loved more interactions between WUGners and the girls. If the WUG-chans were our tour guides at the zoo, that would have been awesome. Would prefer that over getting their autographs, but that’s just my opinion. This bus tour was so-so, but I enjoyed being apart of it. Would I attempt to go to the 2nd bus tour in the future? Probably, if I get in. I’m sure things will be a lot more organized the second time around, right?

Apparently there was only 4 foreigners who applied, and they all got in. So if you’re interested in going to the next tour bus, just apply. There’s a high chance you will get in.

p.s. you can read the girl’s blog regarding this tour here, here, here, here, here, here, and here


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  1. Interesting read. Seems like you had a lot of fun! By the way, I was just wondering how does one apply for WUG LOVE membership if one is living overseas? Missed some member-exclusive events when I was in Japan a while back and wouldn’t want to miss them again. Thanks!

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