Sphere (スフィア) is a unit formed by four voice actresses (Haruka Tomatsu, Toyosaki Aki, Takagaki Ayahi and Kotobuki Minako) affiliated with Music Ray’n. Even though all members are singed to Sony Music Entertainment, they made their debut in April 2009 under Lantis label with the single “Future Stream”. Having being a fan since early 2010, I had to attend my first Sphere event sooner or later. I missed the opportunity to go back in October 2015 due to it conflicting with Lady Go!! When I first discovered Sphere, I fell for Harukas, Aki-chan, Mina-chan and Ayahime in that order after listening to their solo works. Joining me on Day 1/Day 2 and or both days are @pikamushi, @zorogou, @Disgaeamad, and @LandRoverAttack.



Name: Tomatsu Haruka (戸松遥)
Nick Names: Haruchan, Harukas (ハルカス)
Birthday: February 4th, 1990 (age 26)
Birthplace: Ichinomiya, Aichi, Japan
Blood Type: B
Height: 165 cm
Music Style: Idol pop
Image Colour: Orange




あきちゃんName: Toyosaki Aki (豊崎愛生)
Nick Names: Aki-chan (あきちゃん)
Birthdate: October 28, 1986 (age 29)
Birthplace: Tokushima, Japan
Blood Type: AB Height: 169cm
Music Style: Mellow, relaxing, fuwafuwa
Image Colour: Green





あやひーName: Takagaki Ayahi (高垣彩陽)
Nick Names: Ayahi (あやひ, あやひー), Ayahime (あやひめ)
Birthday: October 25, 1985 (age 30)
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: A Height: 150.8 cm
Music Style: Strong vocals
Image Colour: Pink





みなちゃんName: Kotobuki Minako (寿美菜子)
Nick Name: Mina-chan (みなちゃん)
Birthdate: September 17, 1991 (age 24)
Birthplace: Hyougo, Japan
Blood Type: B Height: 158cm
Music Style: Pop, rock and emoi
Image Colour: Purple





Day 1

On the Way to the Venue

A series of unfortunate events happened when trying to get to Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Before leaving to Tokyo, my flight from JFK got delayed by 1 hr which ruined the timing I would arrive at the venue. As soon as my plane landed in Narita, it took 20 minutes for my luggage to show up. Then it took another 15 minutes for the postal office to find my data sim card. By the time I sorted this all out, I had already missed the Skyliner/NEX that would allow me to get to the venue before the event started. My ETA to the venue now is about 1 hr, and I had already missed the opening act, harukas and ayahi… When I finally got there, I met up with Pikamushi who treated me to some omusoba. After eating we went back inside to catch the second half of Day 1.

Seat View For Both Days

Time Table


There are 5 stages/day, each stage representing the artist and their image colour. Depending on what order they perform in, this can affect the overall feel of the day. Just by looking at the schedule for Day 1, they wanted to start off strong, mellow down, then end strong again. For Day 2, they wanted to slowly ramp up and end strong. There’s also an 1 hr break in both days, this allows those going to the event to go in and out of the venue to enjoy the festival the staff provided.

Goods and Gatcha

Even though I missed buppan and arrived late, I was still able get goods thanks for Pikamushi. My budget for goods was about 20k, which allowed me to get everything I wanted. Even the Sphere underwear that I won’t likely wear too! They had stands for those who wanted to buy Album/Single CDs, general goods, and a stamping area. The stamp area was for those who bought the Sphere passport, which contained general info of each artists. There were custom stamps you could use to keep memories inside the passport for each day.

There was a separate stand for those who wanted to gatcha. It costs 500円 for every time you wanted to test your luck.  The gatcha at this event was different then what I was use to. They had a wide variety of things you could get, which was bad for me in the long run. All I wanted was to collect a lot of can badges, but I ended up getting a lot of the misc goods. While on the other hand, Pikamushi go a lot of can badges but none of us hit the jackpot…

Earlier on Day 2, I met up with Disgaeamad while waiting for Landro to arrive. I asked him, “if he tried the gatcha yet?” and he replied with “No, gatcha is a waste of money”. I wish someone would had reminded me about this simple fact the day before I spent 8.5k on impulse…

Processed with VSCO

Food Stands

There were a bunch of food stands around the venue to create a festival feel during the two days of SPHERE FES 2016. The stands had poster board that listed member recommendations. Minachan recommends the tartar dog, Ayahime with the BBQ dog, Harukas with the cheese dog and Aki with the salsa dog. You could also buy omusoba, gyutan, and yakitori too. The queues for long for both days, and I ended up only trying the omusoba and gyutan.

Flower Stands

There were a bunch of flower stands at this event, however there was a no photography policy going on. This didn’t stop others from taking photos, but it did stop me. You could probably go on Twitter and look at the stands if you wanted to. Uh, stands were sent by the usual suspects such as TrySail, Music Ray’n, mcplus and etc.


Since I was only to catch the latter half of Day 1, I had Pikamushi comment on the parts that I had missed. Thanks again pkms.

When the LEDs along the edge of the stage lit up fans cheered quite loudly at how beautiful it looked. Me included of course. -pkms

“It’s a song that i am very sure they will perform in spherefes. In a way it is one of the most fes befitting song by sphere imo. A little surprised they didn’t drag the wow wow wow part at the end since that’s what they usually do but given that it is the first song it’s probably most suited that way. Was ready to do the lol -> \o/ -> lol furi after the second chorus but sphere didn’t do so most fans didn’t either. I think they were running to the sides of the stage at that time but i might be wrong.” -pkms

02.Sticking Places
“Another song that easier hype up fans. Claps, ppph, simple furi in chorus, hey hey calls(dunno what should i call it). Has everything a song need to get people to hype over it so there’s no way i wouldn’t be high over it. One of my favs song to experience live too. Love the furi in the chorus. There’s a part after the final chorus where sphere punch into the air twice then wait for one beat before jumping and punching the air (kind of like pan, pan, ohhh pan) i realise not many fans do that but i prefer to do it this way.” – pkms

“Another song that is often performed in sphere live. Another song that get fans hype up. Simple arm raising and lowering for the furi so its easy to copy. It’s common to see fans synchronizing how they wave the cylumes but usually only for the few same actions. Only in a sphere live, or any other lives with high % of fans furicopy will one see fans synchronizing even when just lowering their cylumes. This song reminds me of that again after seeing it. The sing along(or should i say sing aloud?) part near the end is as good as ever. Missed the timing for the jump right before the 走り続けよう line so that was a little frustrating.” – pkms

“Fourth hype song in a row. This doesnt really happen so was quite surprised. I think it has been a while since this song was performed live but given that it is one of the few rock songs sphere has it would make more sense to perform it in a fes. My image of rl rl is them performing with a mic stand each. No mic stand this time round. Not sure if this is the first time they perform it without mic stands but im sure it’s pretty rare of them to do so. Kind of surprised by the lack of orange cylumes. Still remembered back when the single just released many fans use orange for this song. I used blue too so i don’t have the right to say anything.” – pkms

“First time i saw this song live. The furi was really cute. Reminded me how the furi for sphere songs have gotten more complex these past few years. Shows that sphere had really improved alot as compared to before. Tried really hard to furicopy during the chorus but im bad with getting my left and right correct. Have a very bad tendency to move towards the same direction as sphere while watching them. 映像化はよ” – pkms

“Aki had her hair straighten, which is by far my favourite hairstyle of her’s so naturally i can’t stop staring at her direction. Not that i can see well from second level. Haruka too straighten and let down her hair completely if im not wrong, which is also a little surprisingly. She would always do so many hairstyles for her solo works but here they went with simple is best. And it really is the best.

Minako had an all back hairstyle, but that might have been for her solo stage and the second blue stage instead. All back suits her really well btw.

Sorry ayahi but i cant remember what hairstyle you had in the first blue stage. I can only recall she had her hair combed(?) to her right side for the second blue stage but i can’t even recall if it was for day one or day two of spherefes orz” – pkms

“Can’t really remember much from the MCs orz. Just the usual talk about weather, how the seats were filled till the end of the second level, how they can see everyone. Some of it might have been for MC3
Instead.” – pkms

“Another rare song. Relaxing song. Some part of me was glad because i wasn’t sure if i can last if they continue the pace of singing hype songs. They first got onto the carts here i think. Here starts the “frantically trying to change king blade to match the colour of the closest member to my seat” game. Got to see them closer so that’s definitely a plus.” – pkms

07.Hello, my love
“A really cute song. I love mid ballads too. Slight pity we couldn’t see the entire furi as they are busy waving towards the fan very often. And i was busy waving towards them too.” – pkms

“Here the carts are at the back of the arena. Haruka did her usual 今あなた達が最前列です!She also made a mistake at remembering a 四字熟語 and said 相思相愛 when what she wanted to say was 以心伝心, prompting everyone to cheer over the 相思相愛 phrase. How she fell down to her knees when she made the mistake was cute.” – pkms

08.Brave my heart
“Still on the carts. Still busy waving. Wanted to do the half heart shape pose with my left hand furi during the chorus but held back since there’s barely anyone doing it. I think sphere also only did a few times. Maybe I should have pushed along and just do it after all.” – pkms

“Cant remember if they are still on the carts for this song or at the center stage. Simple cute pop song that I had always liked too. One of the more fun songs to furicopy too.” – pkms

“Still on carts. Upon hearing the obvious intro to the song i switch to orange immediately. Surprised at how little people uses orange for this song. Still as fun as ever. Love how sphere and fans point towards each other during the line that started with 君 in the last chorus.

Overall the routes the carts go seems more complex than ever, might just be my imagination of course. Would love to track down the carts routes if i have the chance to do so now.” – pkms

“Pretty sure this one is back on the main stage. Back when i first heard this song more than a year ago the name calls still weren’t that loud yet. I also didn’t know about the calls back then so i didn’t join in. This time round i joined it and yeah it felt good. Was really loud too so this call is probably fixed. I made sure to practice this furi before leaving for japan since it is one of the few songs that sphere actually said it would be nice if fans can furicopy to it. In other words one of the few songs that were ‘officially furicopy recognized’. Party and a fes aren’t that far off so of course they would sing this song.” – pkms

“The usual ‘next song is last for blue stage first part’ and everyone replies with Ehhhhh.” – pkms

12.vivid brilliant door!

“Probably the song i practiced the hardest this time round since i had to remember the furi from scratch based on the anisama digest, while most other furi i already learned before in the past. The hai hai hai, fufu, sphere etc calls were all pretty loud which was rest assuring. Only watched the performance in anisama digest before, which isn’t made of purely sphere fans in the audience so the calls weren’t really clear. However the calls in the chorus (革命はまだまだ、バイバイはやだやだ parts) could barely be heard. I too find it kind of 微妙. A little long, doesn’t exactly feel good when pronounced or shouted. Would be nice if these calls can somehow get more popular within fans too.

During some part of the song, probably after the peace, fair line, there’s a aki x ayahi and minako x haruka kind of thing happening where they just fool around with each other. The camera zoomed in to aki x ayahi since they looked at the camera, made peace signs, smile and stuff. I looked at the four of them as a whole more often so i happened to spot haruka doing the densetsu no tori thing towards minako at this moment. A pity it wasn’t shown on the screen. 映像化はよ” – pkms

13.Fan Fun Parade
“Haruka raised up from a raising platform in the center stage. I first thought it wasn’t live band for solo stage as i couldn’t see the band members at the main stage. Then i realised the band members too moved to center stage, which is a first for sphere related lives. I thought it was a good move. Fun calls.

Haruka wore an outfit full of ribbons. She had been doing this ever since she first publicly announce that she had loved ribbons from really long ago but was embarrassed to say for reasons unknown to herself too. The bright red ribbon at the back that comes with two really long excess ribbon(pardon my horrible description) was my favourite part of her outfit. Completely mesmerized by how cute she was in it.” -pkms

“This song is surprising popular. Cheers were really loud when the intro started. Her body language and facial expressions were totally different from the song before. Changed to match the theme the song. But of course her cutesy outfit didn’t change so i find it a little out of place sometimes, especially when she made cool looking facial expressions.” – pkms

“Talked about her new single. Can’t recall anymore.” – pkms

“Haruka told everyone to furicopy if possible, just like the furi in the music video. She mentioned this one radio before spherefes so i remembered and practiced it beforehand. Still getting my left and right wrong at times tho. The platform she came out of the center stage from raised above the stage this time round and she sang while standing there. From my view at second level it looked as though it only raised about 50cm. Guessing it is higher than that in fact. First time there’s such a raising platform at sphere live too. This also means the platform isn’t human powered as usual but electronic powered. It’s only later on or during second day then I realised the band are on raising platform too. I think yukachi mentioned this in muuun too but havent got around to listen to it yet.” – pkms

“Haruka request to do a human wave, which she always does in her solo live. This time round from the front to the back.” – pkms

16.Girls,Be Ambitious.
“Hype for both songs were over the top, especially the cheers during Q&A right after haruka started with 行くよ. Hype in the purest form.” – pkms

18.Amazing Grace
“Everyone stood up when the lights turn off right before pink stage started. When amazing grace started everyone just naturally start to sit down, about half or more even turned off the lights and just listen to her quietly. This is the usual pattern when ayahi sings this kind of songs but i haven’t had the chance to experience it much live yet. Still never fail to amaze me. Not just the audience but more of ayahi’s vocal. Didn’t quite expect ayahi to sing this song in a fes tho.

Pink stage took place at the main stage. There was a camera shooting ayahi from right in front of the main stage at the arena, granting a view of ayahi from a low angle, capturing the ceiling too. Here I first noticed the stage set ups near the ceiling, probably for the lightings, were structured into two separate circles. The bigger circle at the top and smaller circle below it. Kind of similar to the set up for imas tokyo dome center stage iirc but of a slightly smaller scale. Ayahi at the center, with this set up near the ceiling as background made a really beautiful shot. Didn’t expect something like this to be captured in an actual live. Moreover this song. If this is done on purpose then it really is hands down to whoever that came up with it.” – pkms

19.Walking On Sunshine
“Most fans remain seated during this song. Those who had their lights off mostly remained off too. But halfway into the song i realized this song is probably more suited to have our lights on. I noticed many people started to turn their lights on too somewhere into the song, and so i tot did the same and did some light king blade waving while seated. The song still wasn’t performed much live before so the fans approached wasn’t decided yet. Can’t be blamed.” – pkms

“She introduced the band members. Of band members went back to main stage as well. First time there’s a second drummer in sphere live, but only here for pink and purple stage. Guessing it would be too tiring to play >50 songs in a day for a drummer so they took turns.” – pkms

20.Next Destination
“Everyone stood up. Some using red cylumes too since yukine is red. I thinku it was here where i noticed this song works really well with a live band, or perhaps i was just more conscious of the live band since ayahi just introduced them.” – pkms

21.Be with you
“A rare song again. Had to hold back from singing along.” – pkms

“Ayahi mentioned the next song is one she had always wanted to sing at yoyogi.” – pkms

“There was a kind of ざわざわ feeling in the audiences after the intro started. Probably because we all know what coming is gonna be epic. Probably safe to say this song is among the top 3 ayahi songs within fans, and personally my number 1. This song has a slightly special meaning to me but told myself that i wouldn’t shed any tears in this trip and would make it pure enjoyment instead. That 夢に届くまで どれくらいですか? felt really strong. She definitely sang it in a slightly different way than recorded, i would say even more expressive. Had always been a sucker for these kind of lines so it got me a little teary.” – pkms

Shiritori (しりとり) is a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final kana of the previous word. No distinction is made between hiragana, katakana or kanji. “Shiritori” literally means “taking the buttocks” or “taking the end”. The girls took turns between themselves in the following order: Harukas, Ayahi, Minako, and Aki. This lasted roughly 5 minutes, and ended with Aki saying “sphere fes. 2016”.

What a perfect way for Minako to start the purple stage. She came out with such a cute outfit and was showing off her wonderful deko. The song itself is quite upbeat, and it was super fun doing the calls during the chorus. ハロー ディアー ミュージックスター!!

Haven’t heard this song in a while, but Mina-chan owns these types of songs. There’s part in the second half of the song where Minako would be rockin’ out on stage.

She talked about her latest single “Bye Bye Blue”, and mentioned that the band performing now was the same people as the Tick tour people.

25.Bye Bye Blue
Her latest song that just came out 03/02/2016, and is definitely a banger. The calls weren’t established at the moment of time since it’s still quite new, but it was fun regardless. Go buy the single if you have the means to!

26.Candy Color Pop
One of the songs I was really really looking forward it! It was everything I expected, but more. The only thing that could make it better if Minako had backup dancers, since this dance for this song is quite upbeat.

27.Another Wonderland
The b-side track in black hole. To be honest, I would rather have her sing black hole but I can see the direction she wanted to go with the set list she had chosen. Slow start, but when the beat drops it can get quite lively. During this part, Mina-chan would ask the audience to jump and get hyped.

Another song I haven’t heard in a while, but it does disappoint. As I said before, Minako owns these types of songs. There’s a part in the latter half of the song where people switch from purple to red. I was so caught up in the moment, I forgot to switch. Anyways, it was such an amazing sight to see!

It was finally Aki’s turn to perform solo. She came out in a fluffy one piece dress and head band! The song itself is quite soothing, and majority of the time we were clapping to the beat.

During this part, Aki took out her iPhone that had a spherefes case on it to take a photo of the crowd to put on her blog. Knowing that the main stage camera would be on her, it was the perfect opportunity to advertise the spherefes case to the audience. Aki-chan you sellout!! /jk

Another relaxing tune, where Aki would jam out to her own music and jump up and down.

31.love your life
One of my favourite songs from Aki-chan. As the title says, love your life and enjoy every second of it! I couldn’t help myself but sing along.

Aki talked a bit about her latest album “all time Lovin” that’s coming out by the end of this month, and a little bit about the tour. The first stop of her tour will be at Maihama Amphitheater, so that’s gonna be good fosho since it’s 360° stage.

Also, throughout this stage someone was just using UOs the whole time w.

One of her songs off her latest album. It’s your typical song that would except from Aki, and it’s good! you can listen to a sample of it here.

During this MC, Aki stated that she will perform one more song and thanked everyone for coming.

33.letter writer
Last song of the green stage, and Aki asked us to sing along with her while waving back and forth. I’ll cherish this moment forever!

“歩こう 大切な melody of heart 持って
平坦に見えて本当は そんな簡単じゃないけど
等身大の心で 想い出を重ねようよ
だから音に 僕はそれを 乗せて歌うのだろう

明日また君に会えますように lalala…”

Oldies song that’s still hype af. The girl’s came out in cute skirts that matched their image colour. The furi copy for this was so much fun to do with everyone at Yoyogi. In between songs, they went onto the carts iirc.

It keeps getting better and better. Good song with very fun calls!

After the first two songs in this stage, even I needed a break. Ah, it was so much hype and I think slow song was needed after that. The way the girls harmonized during this song was top notch.

The girls welcomed everyone to the blue stage, and shortly began the next song.

One of my favourite songs from the group, and also the ending theme for hanairo.  Was a treat to see it performed live.

Hazy to time machine is just cheating… sphere ballads are ridiculously good.

Before they performed the next song, they reminded everyone that they have a collaboration with HoneyWorks.

If you don’t know who HoneyWorks is, go check them out. Just great music in general. Since the song is new, no one knew the calls lel.

The beginning of the super sphere segment. The lights went off and the girls changed into black and white cheer leading outfits onstage. 

40.Dangerous girls
Still amazed by the outfit change, I wasn’t expecting dangerous girls so soon! Another oldie, but oh so good. The dance for this is mesmerizing, I couldn’t stop starting at Minako.

One of Sphere’s hypest known to songs to date. The furi copy and calls for this song was fun the family.

42.Planet Freedom
Any song from the “Third Planet” album is great on itself own, and Planet Freedom holds true to this exception. You make me so free freedom♪

Another hype song from Sphere, where everyone switched to red. The only thing you could see is a sea of people doing the furi copy and calls in synchronized harmony.

Hype song after another, some people switched back to blue while others remained red. Another fun song to do furi copy too.

45.Pride on Everyday
Ending theme for Bakuman. Muy bueno.

46.Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!
A song you must see at least once live. This song is a good example of showcasing the music styles of each solo artist, while having tonnes of fun.

47.Super Noisy Nova
Sphere keeps giving and giving, and I don’t want to say no. Another classic song, and where the girls went back on the carts. iirc this where the girls were giving out signed balls, and using bazookas to give out t-shirts.

Sphere tells everyone that this is the last song they will perform for this stage.

Look on look on, Look on the star ずっとずっと Look on the star!! I can’t comment much, this was a nice way to close out the stage.

It took about 5 minutes for the girls to come back for the encore. Majority of them wore short shorts and the black sphere t-shirt set.

49.Future Stream
I know I said it before, but old Sphere songs are the best.

50.Spring is here
With spring coming around the corner and this being the encore corner, a slow song was much justified.

51.Non stop road
A stable song in Sphere’s discography. Non stop road is a nice upbeat song that’s hard to dislike.

Before the last song, Ayahi said Non stop road would be the final song for day 1. However, Sphere would sing one more song if the crowd want one. Of course we wanted another song, and this was totally not scripted.

I can’t believe they ended it with this song. The instrumental alone is enough to get anyone hyped again. Thanks Sphere for an amazing performance for Day 1.

Before closing out Day 1, the girl’s reintroduced the band members again. Shortly after, the girls went one by one saying their thanks.

Day 2

On the Way to the Venue

Before heading to Yoyogi again for Day 2, Pikamushi and I decided to head over to Shibuya to shop and get a quick bite to eat. We randomly chose a katsudon restaurant to have lunch at.  After receiving our meals, the store decided to play an instrumental version of Dreams, Count down! Such coincidence. It’s like they knew we were going to spherefes /s. After eating, we shortly met up with Disgaeamad and Landro before going inside the venue.


To prevent from making this report any longer, I’ll just quickly comment on the changes from Day 1 to Day 2.

02.Sticking Places

Fierce song that leaves a strong impression on you.


Always wanted to see this song performed live. Very soothing song to jam out to.

08.Brave my heart
12.vivid brilliant door!

13.letter writer
She ended with this song in Day 1, and started it on Day 2. No sing along this time around.

14.フリップ フロップ
Has a hipster feel to it, and it’s always nice to see Aki jam out to her own music.

15.春風 SHUN PU
Another song that I wanted to see performed live at least once. We also song the chorus with Aki for this song and it was magical.


Aki does another product placement for the iPhone sphere case after taking a panorama photo. She ran out of time during her first try due some parts of the stage getting in the way, so she took another one to get the other half of the venue. Her product placement actually worked and the sphere case was sold out midway of Day 2.


19.Like a super woman
One of Minako’s hyper songs that can get a crowd going.

20.Bye Bye Blue
21.Candy Color Pop
22.Another Wonderland

23.girly highester!
Muy bueno, great way to end her stage. Minako sure knows how to manipulate the crowd well.

24.Walking On Sunshine
Ayahime is a genius, enough said.

25.You Raise Me Up
Good showcase on how powerful Ayahi’s vocals can be, even if the song is in another language. Everyone sat down during this performance and just appreciated how good she is.

26.Be with you
Ayahi’s voice slays me.

Her stage literally took a 360° turn. Went from slow ballads to something hype in a matter of moments.

Literally got goosebumps while listening to this, thanks Ayahi.

Having missed this on Day 1, I’m glad she performed it again on Day 2. Harukas hype is real.

This song is better the more you listen to it, and even better live.

Harukas is literally the best! The calls, the tease, everything about this was awesome.

Her most popular song that’s the opening theme for SAO II.

One of her better songs from “Harukarisk*Land” album. The energy Harukas brings to her performance is superb. The part where she said “suki”, everyone in the venue went crazy.

They played shiritori again, but this time they ended off with “Yoyogi National Gymnasium”.


Another slow song that’s pleasant to the ears.

Back to back slow songs, it’s kinda nice to relax a bit before the super sphere segment starts.


After they did their costume change, they explained the numbers on their outfits. Harukas had 1 because she’s #1. Minako had 375 because she is Minako. Ayahi had 08 because that’s her lucky number. Lastly, Aki had 28 because that’s her birthday.

43.Planet Freedom
44.Stop Motion
45.Pride on Everyday
46.Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

47.Super Noisy Nova
Since the girls were busy giving out signed balls and shooting t-shirts out of a bazooka. Ayahi thanked the crowd for doing the dance while they were occupied.


49.サヨナラSEE YOU
Just the music alone gets you all giggly and happy. Was nice to see it performed live.

50.Non stop road
51.Spring is here

The thanks and good byes was almost the same as Day 1, but the only difference was during Minako’s part. There was a bug or something on stage and Minako noticed it. Harukas and Aki went to the rescue and safely removed it off the stage. This was quite amusing to watch I must say.

Solo Stage Outfits

Notable Guests

Closing Remarks

Sphere Fes. 2016 was super fun, even though I missed the first half of Day 1. If this event was only a one day event, I would have been satisfied with seeing the latter half only. Even though they didn’t do some of the songs I wanted to hear during their solos, it was amazing regardless. I might need to go see Ayahi and or Aki live again in the upcoming months. The solos were good overall, but the girls shine brighter when they are all together. Ah, Sphere is the best. Hmm, with all these events being announced as festivals, it’s only a matter of time for a Music Ray’n festival event right..? When it does happen, I’ll be there fosho.

Check out the girl’s blogs regarding this event:
戸松遥 – link
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豊崎愛生 – link, link
寿美菜子 – link, link

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