Makino Yui @ Otakon 2016 Q&A

Posted on August 15, 2016

Illustration by iruRabbit

The following is a transcript of sorts from Makino Yui’s Panel at Otakon 2016. For the most part, responses to questions were in Japanese but translated in English unless otherwise noted.


Good morning everyone. My name is Makino Yui. I’m a voice actress and singer in Japan. This is my second time coming in America but this is my first time in Baltimore. I’m sorry I know very little about Baltimore but the food is great and it’s also a great place to be! I’m actually thinking of going to the (Baltimore) Aquarium.

Please feel free to ask me anything today!

When asked what she thought of the concert the previous day

Thank you everyone for coming out! This being my first time in Baltimore and that seeing how big the venue was, I was very afraid that people might not show up. I was also afraid that I will be saying “Hello” alone during the last song, World Tour (ワールドツアー). I am very happy  that everyone said “Hello” with me, so thank you very much!

When asked whether she was in the new (latest) Aria Project

No I am not.

someone in the audience lets out an ‘awwwww’ and says that they’re disappointed

Me too! (In English)

everyone laughs

When asked about upcoming anime, Udon no Kuni no Kin-iro Kemari

The dubbing has not started yet. It’s actually going to be several days after I return to Japan. The manga however is very interesting so please give it a read. 

When asked about the character she’s voicing in Udon no Kuni no Kin-iro Kemari

My character is actually a character in a show the main character (raccoon boy) likes to watch. In other words, an anime within an anime. In this anime within the anime, there’s a character by the name of Gaogao-chan who is voiced by Kuroda Takaya. Do you know of the game, Ryuu ga Gotoku (Yakuza)? He actually voiced the protagonist in that game. Thinking about it, him voicing Gaogao-chan should be interesting so definitely watch it.

When asked about other upcoming projects

I will be voicing the main character in the anime, Monster Hunters Stories RIDE ON this coming October. There’s also Gundam Build Fighters Try that will be coming back as a special. In addition, I’m going to be doing a character from a very famous project that you all probably have heard of that will be announced in the near future. Please look forward to it.

When asked about what to expect for the upcoming Cinderella Girls 4th Anniversary Live and whether she has finished her training for the performance

Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls? Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about it, but I have been doing dance lessons since July. Everyone else is probably working very hard today, tomorrow, and the day after that and yet I’m here having fun with you.

everyone laughs

So I hope to do my best once I go back.

When asked whether she approaches her work as a voice actress differently than her work a musician

In terms of expressing the body and expressing feelings, the approach is different but in terms of she’s acting out as a different person both in voice acting and singing, the approach is the same.

When asked whether there’s a song she would like to sing in Cinderella Girls (since she’s performing multiple times in the upcoming Cinderella Girls 4th Anniversary Live)

That’s a difficult question. Usually when I sing a song, it’s a song I like and it’s not because I’m being forced to sing, so I like all the songs!

When asked about the lyrics in the song, World Tour, and whether there is a city in that list she hasn’t visited and would like to visit

I would like to go to Venice!

When asked to do an impression of Mayu

I usually don’t do these kinds of things in that voice but you have to promise me that this will be a secret. No video, no recording. Promise?

everyone says yes

Note: Would post what she said as her impression but we made a promise

When asked whether she listens to any classical composers since she plays the piano

I like (Claude) Debussy. I also like (Maurice) Ravel.

When asked about her favorite chain of convenience store (in Japan) and what she usually buys on a regular basis

I often get the salad chicken pack in Seven-Eleven, also boiled eggs. And oh, also oyakodon (chicken and eggs).

When asked about voicing a strong character such as Hoshino Fumina from Gundam Build Fighters compared to her more typical characters.

From my debut, I’ve been doing princess-like characters like Sakura from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle but recently I’ve had the chance to work with various roles such as Fumina Hoshino who is a energetic and athletic characters. Working with this type of characters is new to me but I enjoy working with them.

Fumina, or rather the Gundam Build Fighters series in general has a sports-kind of feel to it with the story involving working with teammates to win. So whenever I work with voicing (Fumina), I take these into consideration.

When asked about who Fumina would choose between Kamiki Sekai and Kousaka Yuuma

This question really wasn’t answered properly as it somewhat went off topic. The question ended up being asked back to the one who asked it and had to be cut short

When asked whether she has an interest in composing musical scores for anime and games.

There’s a chance that I would be willing to do it

When asked about what she thought about voicing Sakura

I actually took no training prior to auditioning for Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle so I didn’t really think that I would get that role. When I did get that role and was recording for the first time, I was so nervous that I could not eat. It was also very difficult for me at first to get the look at the script and the screen at the same time (to get the timing correctly) when recording anime, so I memorized the whole script. Of course, this is not the case now.

When asked what inspired her to play piano

I started because my father and my grandfather played the piano.

When asked about which fellow voice actor/actress she got along with the best

I usually get along with everyone I work with on various projects. For example, In Gundam Build Fighters Try, Togashi Kazumi, Uchida Yuuma, and I had dinner together. I also get along with folks from Pripara (while referring to someone who was wearing a T shirt in the audience). They actually visited me in my concert.

When asked about Idolm@ster and which two characters she likes that she knows in the series

Anzu and Miku.

When asked about her favorite anime to work with

I like everything!

When asked if there are any musical artists she’s a fan of

Recently, I’ve been listening to Enya a lot. Her music and  chorus is very beautiful and something that’s like out of this world, and in that world it’s her voice is like the only thing in that world.

When asked if there’s anything she does in particular prior to her performances to “calm the nerves”

I do stretches.

When asked if she’s ever made a Gunpla model before

I’ve made one before, but not the Super Fumina! Has anyone made one before?

a couple of hands were raised in the audience

WOW (in English)!

I’ve made the Star Winning Gundam in Real Mode.

Also Bear Guy.

When asked about the series, Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C³ and whether she did any image training (involving BB Guns)

I actually played survival games. My favorite battles were hand gun battles.

When asked if there is a character type she has not tried yet but would like to try

Recently, I’ve been doing challenging character types, for example Mayu (Cinderella Girls) who seems to have mental issues. There’s also Misaki (NHK) who closed her heart to herself. Then there’s Sakura (Reservoir Chronicle) and her scattered memories. It’s like there’s a lot of these are on the dark side. I am now ready to go back to the cute girl characters but I am thankful for the challenge and the being able to work with these characters. I will try my best.

When asked about which character she would like to voice in the Aria series (given the chance)

President Aria.

When asked if there were one or two songs she would like to add to the previous day’s concert

Symphony- I would have performed it if the audience asked for an encore but there was none! It’s too late already!

Note: The audience could have and would have chanted “encore” but did not have a chance because the audience was asked if they wanted to have pictures taken with Makinon while she was on stage. (;﹏;)

When asked if she has a mobile game/mobage she’s currently playing

Mobile games? I’m not really fond of mobile games but I do play Biohazard/Resident Evil and Shironeko Project. There’s also the Mushroom app which is very cute too. If I absolutely do not have anything to do, there’s this app where you’re pulling hair and if you do it too fast the hair will rip. Do try it out. You’ll feel very good if you manage to pull the hair nicely.

everybody laughs


Mushroom something app (needs confirmation): Mushroom Garden

Hair-pulling app: Tweezer

When asked if she has ever watched Gundam before voice acting for Gundam Build Fighters Try

I have seen it and know of it before because it’s so famous but I could not follow every single episode though after Build Fighters where there are a lot of parodies (to previous series), I’ve been looking at videos.

When asked about her current favorite musical artist or band in Japan or anywhere else

Just Japan? Could it be outside of Japan? My favorite in the world is Enya. In Japan, it would be Cradle Orchestra (クレイドル・オーケストラ). They do instrumental (music) but I think they have some songs too. They sound lovely and I like them a lot.