Fujii Yukiyo Talk Show @ Tokyo Institute of Technology

Posted on October 17, 2016

Official Event Title: 東京工業大学 工大祭2016 藤井ゆきよのピカッと証明!

Last Sunday on the 9th October, I had the opportunity to sit in an talk show of which Fujii Yukiyo guested and the good folks over at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Anime Lovers (東工大アニメ愛好会) hosted. In other words, an actual event hosted by the anime club at a university! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I’m still trying to figure out the concept of having your favorite seiyuu come over to give a talk show and grace your university anime club with her presence. Maybe it’s a lot of easier being a university entity in Japan, but still. Apparently, there are are lot of events like this where the host is some club at university. In fact, the day before this particular talk show, Tachibana Ricca had a talk show. In any case, if all university-hosted events were anything like Yukiyo’s then I hope to attend more of them in the future.

The event was held in Tokyo Tech’s lecture building in Midorigaoka Campus. Joining me on this event is fellow 海外 eventer, @rr_alouette. Getting into the building consisted of a short queuing. I was under the impression that we had to present some kind of identification but we ended up showing a confirmation email which held our assigned seats. The interior of the building had enough to seat 144 people, complete with folding chairs attached to desks and even chairs between aisles and space for standing to accommodate as much attendees as possible. My seat was situated at the 6th row from the front.

The talk show did not start until 30 minutes later. Until that time, they were playing Yukiyo’s ML songs on loop among others. Folks dressed in suits surrounded the room which I would guess were the organizers themselves. The MC stepped onto the podium to introduce himself as one of the members of the club and it Yukiyo finally made an appearance. Everyone clapped.

This should be apparent in her latest blog post but Yukiyo recently cut her hair, which when paired with her blue/black outfit, especially that short skirt (WOW) gives her an even younger feel.

Being a classroom, I was already expecting that the event would involve some form of attendance checking - I was right. What I didn’t expect though was her calling “てるい” out of nowhere, as if expecting Terui Haruka to be present. Everyone lost it. She also called attendance to people who were wearing glasses, contact lenses.

One of the recurring segments of the talk show if Yukiyo-sensei’s random pop quizzes, the first asking about her hair.

Yukiyo: What do people think is the reason why I cut my hair?

Attendee (yelling in the background): Because Asakura Momo rejected you!

Yukiyo: N-no! That’s not it! That’s not it!

Again, everyone lost it.

Q&A Corner

The questions that were asked in this corner are questions that were asked by prospective attendees during their application to the this event. Questions asked were specifically chosen by the organizers.

What led to you becoming a voice actress?

I feel like this question has been answered so many times.

It was when I was invited to perform at a Precure musical where I get to see the energy coming from the children who were cheering with all their might and I thought it would be a good job (profession) to be able to see them do that.

How’s your experience in this talk show so far?

Definitely no-tension!

What’s your favorite thing to eat this fall?

I like anything.

Someone yells out peaches (もも) from the audience

My favorite to eat huh? Correct! Yes yes I like peaches.

Anything you’ve noticed as a 30 year old?

Feels like that I’ve received more gifts.

Any secrets for beauty?

Spend a lot of money!

*MC: The world really runs on money huh?*

No! It runs on love!

What’s your favorite station on the Yamanote Line?


Any cooking specialties?

Hotpots! Especially Yu-chan nabe. (note: I have no idea what ゆーちゃん鍋 is)

ピカッと証明 Corner

Ramen or Udon?

As long as there are soft-boiled eggs, anything is fine.

What age does being お祖父さん/お祖母さん start?


What age does one become an adult?

When you become a parent

Onigiri or Omusubi?


Improvisation Corner

This particular corner involved Yukiyo drawing a slip of paper from a box and acting out the line from said slip of paper. Most of the lines that were picked were borderline embarrassing, much to the amusement of the audience. It had gotten to the point that Yukiyo resorted to pulling one that she’s comfortable saying. Some of the pulled lines are as follows.

Welcome home! Do you want to have dinner? Have a bath? Or did you want to……
(Note: Pretty sure she’s impersonating as a wife)

Make You Happy Corner

…is basically an advice corner. There were a few things that were asked here but the most prominent ones revolving around being a 30+ year old. Of course.


For a fortunate few, those who had their seat numbers drawn from a lot by Yukiyo herself gets a personalized signed shikishi. She gave out three in total, saying that there will be more at other events.

Wrapping Up

Yukiyo decides a class rep to lead the “class” into standing up and bowing, as if everyone had just attended a class taught by her….in a university.

Closing Remarks

Talk shows are fun, even more so when it’s crammed into a classroom where every seat is a good seat and the the topics/question at hand are more or less presided by fellow Yukiyo fans or fans of anybody for that matter. Thanks to that, I get to know more about Yukiyo on random things, get to see her up close and the amusing reactions she makes as she is semi-bullied into answering/doing corners. Can’t wait for the next one already.