Ookubo Rumi, Ueda Reina Goods Release Event @ Gamers Akihabara

Posted on November 05, 2016

Official Event Name: 大久保瑠美さん 上田麗奈さん グッズ発売記念イベント

First time I’ve heard of this event, I thought Ueshama (Reina) and Rumirumi (Rumi) had a joint music CD release that I might have missed for some reason. Turns out the goods in question consisted of bromides, clear files, can badges, towels. Yes, basically things you’d get at a live/concert performance….without the live/concert. The items of course have either Ueshama or Rumirumi’s face plastered but that still didn’t answer the question of “why” and “what’s going on here”.

Entry to the event of course involved purchasing said goods and receiving a lottery entry proportional to the amount spent on said goods. Entries were in a form of a postcard that had to be filled and mailed to a provided specific address (postcards…seriously?). Interestingly enough, winners were also notified by, yep you’ve probably guessed it, postcards.

There were actually two sessions that day that I could have applied to but not knowing any better, I put all my entries into the first of the two sessions which I sort of regret since it seems like most of the folks who attended the first session got into the second session. Oh well.


The venue was held at Gamers in Akiba on its 6th floor. I had no idea talk shows could be held there considering how cramped the place is already but hey, if more people can be cramped into a packed train here, why not right? This time though, instead of a train you have a cramped stairwell leading to the 6th floor, and instead of just plain citizens, you have Ueshama and Rumirumi fans. It’s quite funny actually. Two dudes adjacent to me during queuing had Ueshama as a keyboard background on their phone. It’s that kind of level.

Finally it was time for us to sign in which involved showing a photo ID of some sort. When every other attendee showed their residence card for the gatekeeper to match their name to some sort of list, this foreigner right here whipped out a passport which prompted the gatekeeper to just look up the reference number on the winning postcard instead because heaven knows how long it will take to read/match my name.

Seats were not assigned until after sign in, which was done by drawing a number of of a box.70013

Little did I know that the number would lead me at the front row and center-most seat. It’s almost like it’s possible to be close to Ueshama as possible like some event in the past. In addition front row was within a leg’s reach of where Ueshama and Rumirumi would be. The seats were as close as it could be, which I guess would be, to accommodate as many attendants as possible. My only beef is that I could not even get my notebook to write notes on what happened so I don’t forget but oh well on this too.

Staff were also handing out some survey form which asked for demographic info such where the attendee was from, how much was spent on these goods,etc. It also had a section for “asking for advice” which had a chance to be read later the talk show. After the forms were collected, a staff member came to the front of the stage to introduce the event.

Oh yea, before anything else just putting it here that these are rough and vague translations/transcriptions, so excuse me if things don’t flow/make sense.


Rumi entered the stage with the ‘We can do it’ pose, for reasons I cannot explain, which amused the hell out of the audience. Reina entered the same way as if following the footsteps of her senior, which amused the audience even more.

The event is pretty much a talk show consisted of talking about the goods and talking about everything else, but mostly about the goods. Even that was hilarious since, according to both, they were at a loss when they were first contacted about an event about certain goods. In any case, the segment went like this.

Who traveled the furthest?

This segment could not get any simpler than this. Basically Rumiwas asking the audience where everybody was from. There were a couple of folks from Nagoya it seems, followed by folks from Kobe. I then raised my hand, got called by Reina, and then softly said “America”. Reina paused for a bit, grabbed Rumi’s attention.

Reina: This person right here came all the way from America.

Rumi/everybody else:“Whaaaaaaat”!

Reina: Where in America did you come from?

I replied where I was, and then Rumi then started asking what I was doing there and started blurting out English words I could not recall, while expressing interest to visit New York/New Jersey

Reina had this look on her face as if she’s heard of that place before. I wonder why…

Reina, what are you concerned about recently?

**Reina:Recently I made honey radish but I’m worried about how much honey I should have put, considering there’s different kinds of honey like yuzu honey.

Rumi: I don’t know too much about honey but maybe use maple syrup if all else fails

Someone asked what kind of honey Ueshama was using.

**Reina:Just plain honey with a stylish name.

Rumi: So you’re going to let me try your honey lemon too, right?

Hanging Out

Rumi: So myself, Shiraishi Ryoko, and Itou Kanae are actually planning to hang out at Reina’s house but we haven’t finalized the plan yet.

Looks like Reina got a new place

Reina:I finally got to folding those moving boxes away!

Rumi, what are you concerned about recently?

Rumi: There is something in mind, though maybe I shouldn’t say it here because it might be bad for my voice-acting career

Someone yells “please tell us anyway!” in the background.

Rumi: One time, Hara Sayuri and I were looking at some Jump comics….

something something BL something something

Reina:It’s got something to do with viewing certain “works of art”…

And that was that segment.

The Goods

Clear File

Rumi picked up Reina’s clear file, commenting how cute Reina looked on the back of the clear file which had an image of polaroids of her drinking and the words “Shopping”, “Happy”, “Tea Time”.

Reina:I didn’t write those words!74949

They also talked about how it was a miracle that one of the images taken at dusk on the clear file turned out since that place the photo shoot was taken was just had the right amount of light from the setting sun.

Reina then picked up Rumi’s clear file and turned it over the back side which had a picture of Rumi biting a poker chip. Rumi then goes to explain that the setup was likely to imitate what someone rich would look like at a casino bar.


Apparently both Rumi and Reina had a hand in the design on their blankets.

Reina:This is actually my first time designing a blanket!

Rumi proceeded to spread the blanket for everyone to see, which was a very light grey blanket with black embroidery of some sort. The words on the blanket say something along the lines of “From today onward, you too are (part) of Touyama”.

Note: Touyama is Reina’s home town.

Rumi: You can pull it off because your illustrations are good!

They then talked about how

Meanwhile Reina spreads Rumi’s blanket for everyone to see, which had an illustration of a bear and surrounded by white stars on a purple background, a. Rumi pointed out that it’s the same bear she uses on her signature.

Acrylic Stand

Reina starts talking about in photo shoot for the acrylic stand which had an image of her in jeans which she thinks is very uncommon. Basically she ended up with said jeans because she requested an attire that felt like a gown (which seems like her normal preference) but will enable her to move very easily.

Rumi on the other hand requested something that looked/felt like summer wear, which she got but was too too light of a wear.

Meanwhile Reina in the background is struggling to assemble her acrylic stand while looking at Rumi’s already assembled one.

Rumi: What are you supposed to put on this acrylic stand?

someone mentions “smart phone” from the audience


Basically Reina and Rumi were going through each other’s collection of bromides and picking up their favorite ones.

Rumi picks up all of the ones where Reina’s wearing a yukata. Reina goes to explain that they tried to take as small of a spot as possible for the photo shoot so as to not bother the other folks who were passing by.

Reina on the other hand picks up bromides where Rumi had “a straight face” so to speak.

Reina:I hate my own “straight face” because they suck but yours I like very much!

Rumi: Come to think of it, I’ve heard about “straight face” from other people too….


In before Reina presses the button on her Fridgezoo to make it talk (with her voice) and how one should stick it inside a fridge…

IC Card Case

Reina referring to Rumi’s image on her card case where she’s wearing a black filly dress…

Reina:That black dress is really really cute!

Rumi: I don’t normally wear filly stuff so this is a bit rare.

Designed Goods

Blankets aside, both girls had a specially designed good. Reina’s was a box of crayons while Rumi’s was a game pouch.

Reina went on to explain text on the box of crayons which read “Happy” and “Blue” corresponded to a designation of certain crayons - certain ones to convey happiness, while the other one sadness, respectively.

Afterwards, Rumi went on to explain her game pouch which had a similar design to her purple blanket and also had her bear signature surrounded with white stars.

Reina:Do you think I can fit in my 3DS in this?

Rumi: Yes it will fit.

Reina:I’d like to have one of these!

Rock Paper Scissors

The girls then announced that they were going to hold a contest among the audience, offering the blankets that they had displayed earlier and put on themselves as the prize, complete with a personalized signature.

Let’s talk about your worries

Remember those questions from the survey form? They were for this purpose. Questions were chosen randomly from a box, when either of the girls draws the corresponding survey form. Rumi drawing first while Reina was doing…whatever this is.”

First draw, for whatever reason they immediately discarded. Maybe the entry was blank…like mine wworz.

Second draw, read something like a riddle. It asked about what had no sound nor color or something along those lines. Whatever it was, it didn’t matter. Both girls said didn’t know. Next question!

I’m going abroad for business trip. Any advice for someone who’s not confident in themselves with getting along with foreigners abroad?

Rumi: Where are you going anyway?

The person who asked the question says he was going to America

Rumi: Well, why don’t we ask the person who came from America right in front of me…

Rumi asked me stuff how my Japanese was, to which I responded with a so-so gesture. She then goes to say something along the lines of “you’ll be fine, this person made it here after all”…I think.

Wrapping Up

With the talk show running out of schedule, both girls were talking about how there might be more similar goods in the near future, and by extension, more similar events like this one.

As everyone walked out of the floor, attendees were handed a signed bromide of both Reina and Rumi in their fancy dresses.

Rumishama I would…. pic.twitter.com/60K2ahSnhM

— JT (@7thwraith) October 16, 2016

Closing Remarks

This marks the second event I’ve been able to get up close and personal to Ueshama herself, only this time Rumirumi was there too. That said, I still don’t know what’s going on all of a sudden with these random goods out of nowhere - it still doesn’t make sense to me completely. One thing I’ll do for sure the next time around, rather than just invest all funds in Reina goods like I did for this event, I’d invest in Rumi goods too. Maybe I’ll appreciate/adore her more. Oh wait I do already.